December 29, 2018

StockX MKT WATCH Awards 2018: Best Silhouette, Biggest Flip, Biggest Flop, and Staff Favorite

Tamar Davis

Copywriter, StockX Sneakers

We took a deep dive into the data to determine the Best Silhouette, Biggest Flip, Biggest Flop, and StockX Staff Favorite. Make sure to subscribe to StockX on YouTube to catch MKT Watch every week. For people who are more into reading than watching, let’s get into the awards.


Our first award of the evening is for the silhouette that did the most damage on the leaderboards this year. So of all the drops, which silhouette sold the best in 2018?

Winner: Air Jordan 1

From the Gold Toe, Game Royal, Shadows, Homage to Home, Pine Greens, Court Purples, Nigel Sylvesters, Best Hand in the Games, Off-White UNCs, Rookie of the Year, and Union collab, the Jordan 1 delivered more nonstop hitmakers than Tay Keith!


Our next award goes to the pieces that resellers made the most on in 2018. That sneaker or streetwear item that buys you a vacation, your rent for the month, or like 6 more sneakers you most definitely didn’t need. It’s 2018’s biggest flip.

Sneaker Winner: Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White University Blue

Streetwear Winner: Black Supreme Commes des Garcons Box Logo tee

The Off-White UNC Air Jordan 1 for sneakers tackled the market with a crazy price premium of 480% over retail. The black Supreme Commes des Garcons Box Logo tee for streetwear destroyed everything in its path with a staggering price premium of 530% over retail. Both these pieces had sellers throwing money like Oprah on her Talk Show. 


The game is cruel sometimes and these items had resellers fearing for their next 3 paychecks. Our next award goes to the biggest flops of the year.  

Sneaker Winner: Solar Yellow Ultra Boost Clima

Streetwear Winner: Supreme UNDERCOVER/Public Enemy Parka

Unfortunately the Solar Yellow Ultra Boost Clima had retailed for 200 dollars, but resold for just 100 dollars…ultimately that’s a 50% discount! The Supreme UNDERCOVER/Public Enemy Parka is reselling for $300 under retail which comes out to a 45% discount. Yikes! Those pieces flopped harder than Paul George’s first year in OKC.


And last but not least, we tapped the shoulders of the sneaker faithful staff here at StockX to get their input on the sneaker of the year. From engineers to authenticators to customer service and more, the whole team came through with the votes. And the winner is…

Winner: Jordan 1 Retro High Union Los Angeles


How could you not win with two iconic J’s in one shoe?!? The attention to detail with the materials, the colorways, and collaborating with an OG shop made this a no brainer in the office. Big shouts to Union and Jumpman for this win.


Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake SBGA211

Supreme Nas Tee White

Air Presto Off-White White (2018)

Desk Accessories:

Jordan 11 Concord

Utility Black Yeezy 500

Cactus Jack Jordan 4






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