The bag resale market is in constant flux, changing all the time depending on demand and availability. On any given day, a plethora of bags are available for resale that weren’t there the day before. In a few weeks, that bag you’ve been searching a year for will suddenly appear – and if you’re not looking for it at that precise moment, it could disappear before you have a chance to pull out your credit card.

It’s a fickle industry, and while the sheer volume of bags that have been produced in different styles, models, colors and other variations are high, the amount of time they appear on the scene is finite – they’re either only produced by fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel for one short season, or they’re in such high demand that when one does enter the resale market, it’s immediately bought.

This means that you’re spending a lot of time searching every single site for the bag you want, over and over again. Back away from the multiple browser tabs you’ve got open, here’s where we step in to make things easier:

Unlike consignment models with a finite supply, we have a catalog of over 7,000 bags  that’s growing every day. You find the exact bag you want on StockX, put a bid in for the bag you want even if there isn’t an asking price, sit back with a glass of rosé and most importantly, be patient.


A seller who has the bag you want will see that it’s in demand, list it and if your bid and their asking price meet, the bag will be yours. Your bid is good for 30 days, so put your bag hunting skills on hiatus and wait for our unique platform to do the work for you. You told the world about the bag you want, now just wait to get it.

Life is already complicated enough, buying the bag you know you want doesn’t have to be. Browse Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes bags at StockX now.