September 10, 2020

Thank You, Josh.

Today, we pay tribute to our co-founder, Josh Luber. To be clear, this is a “see you later,” not goodbye. Those who know him and were close to the early days of the company know that Josh was tireless in his effort to bring StockX to life, and to make people think about the way in which we consume the products we covet.

It was his vision — and that of his co-founders, three of whom remain in leadership roles at the company today — that built the incredible foundation on which StockX has grown into the leading global marketplace of its kind. Candidly, it is the reason I signed on as an early investor in the company and why I jumped at the chance to take on the role as CEO when Josh and the founding team made the important decision to focus on global scale and operational efficiency a little more than a year ago.

In recognition of his many contributions to StockX, our team compiled a video tribute to Josh (see below). It captures the essence of this company’s founding and the way in which Josh helped shape who we are.

Here’s to honoring the past, celebrating the present, and embracing the future.

Scott Cutler, StockX CEO

The email below was shared by StockX CEO, Scott Cutler, with the global team:


I’ll cut right to it: After more than four years building StockX, Josh Luber is leaving the company. From day one, Josh has had a deep passion for this team and has worked tirelessly to see this company succeed. And, it’s fair to say there has been no bigger StockX evangelist than Josh. That’s how I came to know about it in 2016, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to join this team of passionate disrupters.

This news may come as a surprise to some of you, but if you know Josh, you also know his incredible entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what led him and our talented founders to create a bold vision for the future of commerce just over four years ago. It’s that same entrepreneurial drive that is taking Josh to his next adventure.

We will miss Josh. There is no doubt about it. From his trademark wit and backwards hat to leaning into innovation and helping us discover new opportunities, Josh’s impact on this company is clear. And, with an experienced leadership team, I know we will continue to bring the StockX vision to life and make him proud.

In recognition of Josh and all our founders, we’re announcing a new annual company event. Celebrated each February around our StockX anniversary, we will welcome Josh and others back to catch up, celebrate our rich history, and the success to come.

I can’t thank Josh enough for his partnership over the last year and commitment to StockX from the very beginning. In those early years, Josh and the other founders’ dedication continues to underpin the massive growth we’re experiencing while ensuring we remain open and stable in the face of unprecedented global challenges.

I hope you can join me tomorrow for a very special C2C with Josh. We will celebrate his contributions to StockX, reminisce with our StockX founders, and open up Q&A for the team.

To get us started, the team pulled together a highlight reel of Josh and some of his greatest hits told by those who know him best.

Thank you,