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女装 Luxury Brands Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen Oversized White Black (Women's)




Alexander McQueen is known for bringing excellent tailoring and working-class culture together for his high-end fashion brand. Though McQueen himself is gone, his legacy lives on in the house he founded. This is particularly true in the sneakers made by the Alexander McQueen brand. Usually retro-inspired, these kicks take comfortable-looking, casuals-inspired shoes to a new level. They're typically oversized, with big, bulky soles. Popular Alexander McQueen sneakers include the deceptively simple, 70s-inspired Oversized Ivory Black. Apart from the pop of black, this sneaker is totally monochromatic. The Oversized Red, with its White colorway and pop of Red at the heel, has also been a hit with collectors. The Oversized Runner features more details, including additional leather and cage pieces on the upper. It's reminiscent of running shoes from the 1980s and 1990s.