December 26, 2019

Best Collaborations of 2019

If 2019 taught us anything, it’s that no collaboration is impossible. And with the Aime Leon Dore x Porsche teaser that recently hit social media, we now know that 2019 was only the warm-up. What used to be the playbook exclusively for streetwear has now become the norm for sneakers, collectibles, handbags, and even watches. So as we review our personal collections, regretful purchases, lucky lottery wins, and the drops that brought us back to waiting in lines, let’s run through some of the best brands that came together this past year to create something epic across every StockX category.

Sneakers: Sacai x Nike

After premiering on the runway during Fashion Week for Spring ‘19, it seems the entire world felt an overwhelming need for the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mids and LD Waffles. Designer Chitose Abe combined a mashup of sneakers we had never seen before: Dunk High and the Blazer, and Waffle Daybreak and LDV fusion. Double tongues. Double shoelaces. Double swooshes. The results were sneakers that were universally adored and could easily be spotted from front row at a fashion show to court side at an NBA game. This was one of the first collaborations since the original Nike x Off-White to connect high fashion with sports and sneaker culture. When you saw someone wearing Sacais, there was an immediate understanding that they knew what the hell was up. That’s why they are our most memorable sneaker collaboration of 2019. We’re at the edge of our seats knowing there’s a rumored release of new styles in 2020.


Handbags: Dior x KAWS

With deep roots in fashion and luxury streetwear, there was no other way for Kim Jones to premiere his appointment at Dior Homme than with a KAWS collaboration. Who could forget the 10 meter KAWS BFF statue made of 70,000 peonies and roses from that show? Not only was this a major moment of the year but also an epic handbag collaboration that bridged the gap of luxury, fashion, and art. Needless to say, it also quickly became one of the most beloved handbag collections on StockX.


Collectibles: Virgil Abloh x IKEA

Remember when we said there were collaborations in 2019 that had us waiting in line like old times? We were specifically referring to Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with IKEA, which for us at StockX HQ suddenly made Canton, MI a hypebeast hotbed. This collab encompassed a 15-piece collection titled “MARKREAD” with items starting at $10 retail. No wonder the camp lines had people thinking back to 2005. One of Virgil’s main motivations for this collection was accessibility for consumers, so hopefully you’re entering 2020 with an IKEA upgrade to your apartment decor.


Watches: BAPE

From Rolex, Seiko, G-Shock, to Swatch, there was zero competition when it came to watch collaborations on StockX. BAPE did it all in this category, and as a result, they had every professional questioning their watch line-up and every hypebeast upgrading their wardrobe. Who knew BAPE would make a comeback this strong?


Streetwear: Supreme x Pearl Session Studio Select Drum Set Red

Supreme always gets creative with their accessories, from punching bags to pinball machines to Band Aids to Hot Wheels. But the Pearl Session Studio Drum Set is in a league of its own, especially with a resale price that will make you look twice. Honestly, it’d be silly to put anything else at number one. This was a collaboration tailor made for the hardcore collector, and is an immediate showstopper anytime you see IRL. Plus the fact that they used the Muppets for their teaser on Instagram? Epic to say the least.