May 31, 2018

All the Different Colors of Goyard Bags

The Goyard brand, initially founded as a family-owned business, has been well known throughout Europe for its custom-made trunks and hand-painted Chevron patterns. Goyard now offers 4 distinct product lines available in different sizes and colors: handbags, travel goods, special orders (custom made leather goods) and even pet accessories.

In 2002, over 100 years after the Goyard brand was established, Goyard handbags introduced 12 new colors on top of the Classic Black Chevron color. When ordering a Goyard, you now have your choice of the picking from the “Classic Colors” or the “Special Colors.  

Classic Color Options

There are two classic color options for Goyard handbags. One classic option is the black chevron printed canvas with black leather trim surrounding the bag and handles whereas the other classic color option is the same black canvas with a brown leather trim and handles. These handbags are great if you’re searching for an everyday tote that will match any season and style.



Special Color Options

The special colors were introduced in 2002 and include white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy, and burgundy. With so many Goyard color options to choose from, everyone is bound to fall in love with one.


A grey St. Louis is another great, neutral tote that can be worn throughout any season with any look.


The all white Goyard St. Louis is a great bag that will match any summer outfit and let you travel light this season thanks to the  airy feel that the Goyard canvas gives you.


A red St. Louis is the ultimate choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit and stand out in the crowd, especially during the holiday season.


Make your days brighter with the yellow Goyardine canvas that is sure to make a statement. This colored Goyard St. Louis is seen on the shoulders of many celebs including Kourtney Kardashian.


The green Goyard chevron canvas is one that you can dress up or dress down depending on the look you are going for. This tote is one that is highly sought after because of its limited availability and rich, emerald green color.

Light Blue

This blue Goyard tote is a must-have if you are looking for a handbag that will add a touch of chic to your life all while maintaining a classic, sophisticated style.


If you are looking for a Goyard that is a bit more subtle but still adds color to your everyday looks, go with the Navy St. Louis.


The bright orange chevron is a top pick for many actresses and musicians such as Kerry Washington (AKA Olivia Pope) and even Kanye West. This bright colored St. Louis is a chic tote that would be a perfect fit for your closet.


The burgundy colored Goyardine is one of the most sought after colors in the Goyard family and  would be a great Autumn handbag choice. Grab yours before it’s too late!


Another Goyard color option is Pink, which was a one-off special color released many years ago. You won’t find them  at Goyard anymore. Fortunately, it is available for buyers and sellers on StockX.

With hundreds of Goyard options on StockX, we want to help you find the color and tote that speaks to you. From choosing a Goyard that suits your taste and lifestyle, to deciding on a special color and personalization, you can rest easy knowing that your Goyard choice will be the perfect bag for you and your style.

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