Sneakers - April 23, 2020

A Message From Our CEO

Over the course of the past four years, the StockX family has been fortunate to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have grown from a scrappy startup to what is now a global technology company serving millions of customers around the world. And make no mistake, the reason StockX has seen such incredible growth is because of one thing: The people that comprise our community.

As a global marketplace, we’re here to take care of our buyers, our sellers, and our community at large. That means ensuring our marketplace remains open, stable, and strong, providing customers access to the products they love with a best-in-class experience at every single touchpoint.

While on a journey like this, you often have to make difficult decisions to ensure long-term sustainability. This is important even in the best of times, and given the uncertainty of COVID-19, our sense of urgency to do so was heightened. Today was one of those occasions, as with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to 108 StockX family members which is 12% of our global team.

The individuals we said goodbye to today contributed greatly to the company, and were instrumental in building our foundation. We will move forward at StockX in a way that honors those employees and all of their hard work.

This change, while difficult, is all about prioritizing our community; it’s about ensuring we remain a strong marketplace — today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Scott Cutler
CEO, StockX