As you may have heard, it’s snowing in Florida, and something called a “bomb cyclone” is bearing down on much of the East Coast. This isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds (well, except in the very literal sense of the word); it is, in actuality, quite scary.

As of this afternoon, evacuation orders and winter weather has prompted UPS to suspend pickups and deliveries in areas of 8 states: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Virginia. A complete and active list of all affected zip codes is available on the UPS site.

Unlike Bill Belichick, we at StockX are capable of human empathy, and don’t want our sellers risking life and limb to make a shipping deadline. As such:

  • Sellers impacted by the storm will have an extension on their required shipping times, and won’t be penalized for late shipments.
  • If you are a seller in the path of the storm but it hasn’t arrived yet, please ship your items ASAP, before conditions become unsafe.
  • Buyers should be aware that there may be shipping delays associated with their orders over the next several days; if you are waiting on the item and it is delayed, please be patient.
We hope that everyone affected by the storm stays safe and warm, and we thank you all for your continued patience.