The Palace Palasonic skate video dropped November 2017, becoming an instant classic. The film clocks in at 40-minutes long, features the exploits of the Palace skate team over a 7-year period, and was shot completely on VHS to give the film a retro, lofi aesthetic. This is vintage Palace.

Palace stands as one of the world’s most recognizable streetwear brands. At it’s core, Palace is a skate company. In 2011 Palace won the European skateboard brand of the year due, in part, to its phenomenal skate team including Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, Olly Todd, Rory Milanes, Benny Fairfax, Danny Brady, and Blondey McCoy.

Feast your eyes on some amazing skating below, and Blondey getting hit by a car! 

You may not be able to ride for Lev Tanju’s team, but you can represent like them.

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