February 8, 2021

The Flip: Edition 3

Sam Aprile

Sam is a Product Marketing Manager @ StockX

Note from the StockX Team 

StockX saw record-breaking growth in 2020 as worldwide demand reached new highs. With active buyers on StockX up 90% year-over-year, we expect 2021 to be even bigger for all our sellers. 

Stay in the know about everything going on in the world of selling on StockX with our latest and greatest edition of The Flip.

Bag & Accessory Seller Fees Are Even LOWER

We recently lowered seller fees on all luxury bags and accessories from 14.5% to 9.5% – the LOWEST bag & accessory seller fee on any major online marketplace based in the US. 

Tap here to learn why StockX is the best value for buying & selling luxury goods. 

50% Off Seller Fees For Trading Cards  

It’s no secret the trading card market is popping off (sales were up 4,000% on StockX in 2020!). So now’s the time to get in on the action by taking advantage of 50% off seller fees for sales above $500. Tap here to learn more. 

Lego Sets Are Available For Selling 

In case you missed it, you can now sell Legos on StockX! A select number of limited edition sets are available to sell now, with new sets being added regularly. Tap here to learn more. 

Electronics Sales Continue To Surge

Launched in 2020, StockX’s Electronics category boasts 300+ products from more than a dozen brands. Gaming consoles, graphics cards, and headphones continue to be in high demand, so get your hands on brand new Electronics products then get those Asks in. 

Current Culture Index

We recently shared our new Current Culture Index, sharing numerous key facts, figures, and storylines from our marketplace performance in 2020. Read below for a few highlights and check out the full report here

  • From the Nike Space Hippie to Yeezy Foam Runner, StockX customers spent more than $10 million on sustainable footwear in 2020, with the Nike Space Hippie alone bringing in more than $400,000 in sales on StockX. 
  • Gaming’s popularity reached new heights during quarantine. From Travis Scott x Fortnite merch to BAPE mousepads, these partnerships drove more than 5,000 trades in 2020, and we expect this trend will accelerate in 2021.
  • In 2020, the Jordan 1 Mid silhouette took Europe by storm, accounting for as much as 50% of Jordan sales in select markets. In 2021, we expect Mid mania to make a transatlantic journey to US shores.

The Seller’s Guide

The Jordan 1 Bull Market

  • Our analysis finds that after 500 days post-release, the average Jordan 1 on StockX gained $150 in resale value, and after 1000 days, the average Jordan 1 gained over $250 in value. Read More

The Yeezy Restock Effect

  • On average, primary Yeezy restocks led to a -29% decline in resale prices on StockX, while secondary restocks led to a more modest -17% decline. Read More

The SB Dunk Bubble

  • SB Dunk values skyrocketed more than 3x last summer, reaching an average resale price of nearly $800. Since then, the market has cooled, but with an average price of $500, it’s still among the most-hyped silhouettes on StockX. Read More