Selling - June 30, 2021

The Flip: Edition 5

Sam Aprile

Sam is a Product Marketing Manager @ StockX

Over the past couple of months, the StockX team has been hard at work launching exciting, new initiatives for our sellers. We’ve also continued to add tons of brands and products to our catalog and have uncovered additional data-driven insights to help you make more when you sell. Sounds too good to be true? You better read up. 

The 5th edition of The Flip is here, the newsletter for StockX sellers. 

Art Prints and Comic Books Now Available For Selling

In case you missed it, you can now sell art prints and graded comic books on StockX! 

StockX Day Recap

A couple weeks back, we held our first-ever, all digital StockX Day. Over the span of four days, we re-released some of the hottest products in new and exciting ways, hosted online conversations with both sellers and iconic creatives, and hosted a bunch of awesome surprises. 

Although the promos and surprises have run their course, you can still check out our great editorial content by visiting the StockX blog.


Seller Drop-Off Is Open In Hong Kong

Back in May, we opened our first ever seller Drop-Off in Hong Kong. The pop-up will be open for at least another month, so if you’re in HKG, stop by The Forest to drop off your StockX sales, check out our product displays, and chat with the team. Click here for more info. 


Bulk Shipping Is Now Live In Australia and Hong Kong

We recently expanded one of our most popular features to new regions. Level 4 sellers in Australia and Hong Kong can now pack multiple shoes in a single sale shipment, saving significant amounts of time and money.


More Opportunities to Profit

We’re constantly adding new products and brands to our catalog that have limited supply, high demand, and the potential to resell for serious profit. Check out recent additions below and look out for even more items to sell later this year. 


Seller’s Guide


Pandemic Era Trends: The New Chapter 

After more than a year of disruption, we broke down trends set to gain momentum in the months to come. 

  • Crocs, slides, and sandals saw a 70% increase in average resale price from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021, while skate deck demand exploded with trades up 400% in the same time frame. 
  • Trades of Jordan golf shoes increased by 150% (Q1 2020 to Q1 2021), while rugs and pillows had a 100% price premium in April 2021 alone. 
  • Graphics cards had a 110% price premium in April 2021.

Tap here to read the full report. 

Next-Gen Investments

From sneakers to apparel to collectibles, a growing number of people are purchasing goods with future returns in mind. Check out the price appreciation of some of the fastest-growing product categories on StockX:

  • Air Jordan 4 Index: the typical Jordan 4 investor has seen a 100% return on their portfolio since January 2020. An investor with 10 pairs of top-selling Jordan 4’s would have seen a $2,000 gain on average. 
  • Nike Air Max 1 Index: The typical Air Max 1 investor has seen a 50% return on their portfolio since January 2020. An investor with 10 pairs of top-selling AM1’s would have seen a $800 gain on average. 
  • KAWS Figures Index: The typical investor has seen a 65% return on their portfolio of KAWS figures since January 2020. An investor with 10 top-selling KAWS figures would’ve seen a $3,600 gain on average. 

Tap here to read the full report. 

Is Bad Bunny the Next King of Collabs? 

We crunched the numbers to find out why Bad Bunny has the potential to be the biggest musician in the collaboration market. Check out the highlights below, then tap here to read the full report. 

  • In the last five years, the adidas Forum Low Bad Bunny posted the highest release week premium for a debut artist collab on StockX. With a price premium of 330%, the Bad Bunny collab is far ahead of its closest rivals, all of which debuted with premiums under 200%.
  • Compared to the average Forum, with its 16% resale premium, Bad Bunny’s two colorways boosted premiums by 15-20x. When you compare that to what J Balvin or even Travis Scott has done with the already-hype Jordan 1 silhouette, the size of the effect isn’t even close. 
  • In the last 90 days, the Crocs Classic Clog Bad Bunny has sold at a 346% premium, almost 4.5x retail price. The next most valuable musician collab was the Crocs Duet Max Clog Post Malone, with a premium right above 150%.

Tap here to read the full report.