Selling - December 4, 2020

The Flip: Volume 2

Sam Aprile

Sam is a Product Marketing Manager @ StockX

A Note From The StockX Team

Despite unprecedented disruptions, StockX has remained strong, stable, and open this year – thanks in large part to the diversity and liquidity of our global marketplace. Last month, we released our Q3 Snapshot report, with a special focus on insights about our international business.

Enjoy our second edition of The Flip, the newsletter for all things selling on StockX.


Selling Doesn’t Stop After The Holidays


Get Ready For Post-Holiday Action 

Last year we saw historic trading activity throughout the holidays AND in the weeks following Christmas. We expect this year to be even bigger so get your Asks in ASAP. 


Hot Selling Opportunities 

Flip the hottest holiday electronics for the best value on StockX, like the iPhone 12, Airpods Pro, Xbox, Playstation 5, and NVIDIA / AMD graphics cards.

Selling opportunities will keep heating up over the next couple months, especially with products such as Pokemon Vivid Voltage boxes, Telfar bags, Jordan Fire Red 4’s, Jordan Mocha 1’s, and Louis Vuitton x Nigo. Check out more of the hottest selling products here. 



New Features & Lower Rates For International Sellers


Our first authentication center in the Great White North is now open! Not only does this mean faster payouts and more efficient service, but we’ve also lowered fees across the board by adjusting our marketplace to help Canadian sellers match with more Canadian buyers. Learn more about this game-changing experience here.

In addition, Level 4 sellers Up North can now take advantage of our Bulk Shipping feature. 

Hong Kong & Southeast Asia

We’ve got feet on the ground in Hong Kong as well. Sellers in various markets throughout southeast Asia can now enjoy cheaper shipping rates, faster service, and new carriers for shipping sold items to our Hong Kong authentication center. Read more about these changes here. 


Seller shipping rates just got cheaper in various countries throughout Europe! To find out if your shipping rate is changing, check out this post.

More Payout Methods

Sellers in additional countries can now get paid via bank transfer! Check out this FAQ article to find out if this payout method is available to you.


Data Digest

Year over year increase in New Balance sales


Year over year increase in Crocs sales


Of Travis Scott products that resell above retail