August 24, 2021

The Flip: Edition 6

Sam Aprile

Sam is a Product Marketing Manager @ StockX

Just a few weeks ago, we launched the StockX Seller Program, making it significantly easier for sellers to earn lower transaction fees. Plus, we’ve added more categories of product and uncovered new insights to help make you a more informed seller. Read the sixth edition of The Flip and stay in the know. 


New Seller Levels & Seller Fees Are Here

In case you missed it, this past August 1 we launched the StockX Seller Program, fundamentally changing the way in which StockX sellers can earn lower seller fees. 

Not only does this new fee structure allow all sellers to achieve higher levels and lower fees with fewer sales, it also allows frequent sellers (e.g. Level 4 & 5) to earn even lower seller fees than ever before (down to just 6%!) through performance-based Bonus discounts. As a reminder, Bonuses earned this month (August) will be applied to qualifying accounts starting on September 1. 

View Your Selling Stats In The Revamped Seller Profile

Along with the launch of the new Seller Program, we also did an overhaul on the seller profile page. Now you can view your individual statistics such as sales metrics, progress towards the next seller level, and progress towards achieving Bonuses (if you’re a Level 4 or 5 seller). 

To navigate to your seller profile, go to your Selling tab within your account settings (or on desktop), then click the Seller Level button in the top right corner. 

Sunglasses Are For Selling

Just in time for those end of summer rays, sunglasses are now a part of the StockX catalog. From Ray-Ban, to Oakley, to Louis V, you can now sell a plethora of different brands and silhouettes on StockX. Check out the full catalog here and get those Asks in. 

More Opportunities To Profit

In addition to sunglasses and (of course) sneakers, we’ve added several new brands and products to the site that have the potential to resell for a profit. Check out some notable additions below. 



Seller’s Guide

For the mid-year edition of our Current Culture Index, we dove deep on the up-and-coming fastest-growing brands & products on StockX, as well as offered a sneak peek of what to expect in the second half of this year. Check out some highlights below and tap here to read the full report. 

Emerging Brands 

Below are the brands making the biggest moves on the secondary market. Growth is measured by trade growth in H1 2021 as compared to H1 2020. 


  1. Kanye West: +840%
  2. Daniel Arsham: +720%
  3. Spalding: +410% 
  4. Ben Baller: +400%
  5. Travis Scott: +200% 


  1. Birkenstock: +610% 
  2. Louis Vuitton: +440%
  3. Crocs: +430%
  4. Alexander McQueen: +370%
  5. Reebok: +210% 

Apparel & Accessories

  1. Chrome Hearts: +2,200%
  2. Vlone: +1,760%
  3. Jordan Brand: +860%
  4. Eric Emanuel: +540% 
  5. Telfar: +240%