Buying anything on the second hand market is rarely a stress-free experience. Rarer still when it comes to watches. Aside from knowing the right questions to ask, there’s an element of trust that must be accounted for. At StockX, the buying and selling process is transparent, anonymous, and authentic. We empower buyers to bid with confidence, with access to live historical sales data and trends. As for sellers, all that’s required is an authentic watch in excellent condition that you’d rather see put to good use rather than taking up space in your watch box. How does all this add up to the best watch buying and selling experience on the internet? Let’s take a closer look.

Selling on StockX

With StockX, listing your watch is as easy as confirming the authenticity and condition, and placing an ask. In order to sell on StockX, watches must be in excellent condition. That doesn’t mean new old stock, or that it’s never been worn, but it does mean the watch is free from large scratches or dings, works according to manufacture specifications, and of course, is the real deal. Still not sure if your watch would qualify? Check out our watch condition guide right here.

So your watch is up to snuff, and your Ask has been accepted, all that’s left is shipping. Before you toss it into the nearest envelope, check out our “How To Ship My Watch” section in the knowledge center.

Be advised, please don’t send us counterfeit, non-authentic, or replica watches. If you do, your account will be subject to cancellation, and you may even be hit with a 15% penalty.

Buying on StockX

Buying a watch on StockX is simple, safe, and fun. With real time data presented on every product page, buyers are armed with historical pricing information to place an informed bid on a watch. If a bid matches an ask, a sale is made. Just like the NYSE. Well, minus all the commotion of the trading floor. When a sale happens, the seller has 2 business days to package and ship their watch to StockX, where a team of master watchmakers will verify the condition and authenticity of the watch before shipping it to the buyer. Each watch will come packaged in a StockX travel case, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity listing the model, make, material, serial number, as well as the results of timing, amplitude, and water resistance testing.

StockX takes the guess work out of verifying the nitty gritty details that you’re used to stressing over with other online retailers. When you receive your watch, the only thing you need to worry about is what outfit to match it with for the perfect wrist shot. And when you do, be sure to tag #StockX so we can share the love.

What Sets StockX Apart

StockX is the world’s first stock market of things. Just like buying a stock, you have access to historical sales data and trends to inform your decision. We empower both buyers and sellers by operating with transparency, anonymity, and authenticity. This marketplace is driven by connecting bids and asks, meaning prices are set by individuals on the market, and them alone.

Head to StockX today to buy or sell your next watch.