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Women's Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old-Skool collection, originally known as the "Style 36" was originally introduced in 1977 and was the first Vans sneaker line to incorporate leather panels for added durability. Since then, it has continued to be renowned for its sturdy construction. Depending upon the model, its upper is made of canvas or suede, while the toe box and heel counter are reinforced with suede or leather, a combination that ensures a long-lasting shoe.

The most distinctive feature of the Vans Old-Skool line is the "sidestripe" which runs along the sides of each shoe. It is a key identifier of the brand and pops against the wide variety of patterns and colorways that comprise this collection for instant recognition. With options from classic black and white to bold hues, this line is revered for its versatility and prides itself on providing a style for every preference.

Vans Old-Skool frequently collaborates with prominent artists, designers, and major brands to release limited edition versions of this classic shoe. Many of these have strong pop culture ties, such as the 50th Anniversary Park Map edition designed in collaboration with the Walt Disney company.

While the Vans Old-Skool line remains a commanding presence in the footwear and collectible sneaker worlds, it is only one of several notable collections offered by the Vans brand. Decades after its founding, the Vans brand continues to be beloved by both older fans who appreciate its nostalgic value and younger consumers who are drawn to its timeless design.

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Vans Old Skool Platform True White (Women's)

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