Accessories - July 30, 2019

A Complete Guide to Gucci's Signature Colors

Seth Blazofsky

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You know her, you love her, and you respect her. Gucci is her name; and nevertheless, she persists. Since its start in 1921, the luxury Italian brand has successfully proven itself to the global market over and over again with surprising collaborations, punchy patterns, and bold runway looks.

Yet, even through all that change, there’s consistency. The renowned red and green color palette sustains founder Guccio Gucci’s enduring vision to this day. If you’re searching for a telltale guide into the history of Gucci’s color – look no further. 

Here’s StockX’s inside scoop on how the famed palette came to be; and some current products that show how Gucci effortlessly sweeps the luxury market by storm.

A Brief History of Gucci’s Color Palette

Gucci was founded in 1921 by Italian leather craftsman Guccio Gucci. He opened up a small leather shop in Florence and focused his products on equestrian styles – such as horse saddles and accessories. His strict attention to Italian saddle detail inspired the idea for the branded red and green woven stripe.

He chose his leathers wisely – and made sure that they were the best and brightest. His work became famous for its quality, and through his three sons, the company spread from Florence to Rome to Milan.

In the 1930s, leather became challenging to find and trade to Italy, and so began the motive to use alternative materials. This led to Gucci using different fabrics, such as the canvas bags accented with the red and green stripes. And in 1947, the company released its first original bamboo handle bag, which was soon patented and transformed into a hot commodity. The combination of both the handles and the branded canvas stripe made way for a unique look. In 1953, a Gucci store opened in New York City – beginning the international growth of the company.

After Gucci’s death in 1953, many celebrities like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy began wearing his products as an homage to the late designer. His sons ran the company until the late 80s. Then, lead designers Dawn Mello, Neil Barrett, and Tom Ford came into play in the 90s – and brought a sex appeal with them. They began to attach the stripes to articles of clothing like blouses, jackets, and pants. Consumers responded, and their sales skyrocketed.

In the 2000s, Frida Giannini attempted to revamp the classics in her work – such as the famous Flora print and bamboo bags. She didn’t last long, though. You can watch the documentary called The Director for more her time at Gucci.

In 2015 current designer Alessandro Michele transformed the company with new, edgy take on the classics. Using fierce figures such as lions, dragons, and other designs paired with the robust red and green.

Even though these designers transformed the look of the Gucci with different trends, it managed to stay fresh. That’s all thanks to Gucci’s branding. The red and green stripe represents the pride of the company from its roots. It has sparked ideas throughout each era and provides consistency in the Gucci name.

Gucci’s Signature Green and Red Stripes

Red and green made itself an unstoppable branding tool. The esteemed design displays a single red stripe squeezed between two dark green ones. Gucci designers either stitch or sew each woven red and green into its products to show the mastery of the brand.

Here are a few StockX products exhibiting the red and green stripe in its most classic fashion.

Gucci Flat Messenger GG Supreme Web Beige/Black

Gucci Flat Messenger GG Supreme Web Beige/Black

This over-the-shoulder bag shows the most classic depiction of the woven red and green. Not only does it have the vertical stripe running down the center, but you also get two brands for the price of one with the GG canvas design. Accented by a slick black leather trim, handle, and adjustable strap – you’re in for the most versatile and chic bag for any daytime activity.

Gucci Interlocking G Belt Stripes


This striped canvas belt with white leather trim and a silver-tone buckle screams Gucci. You’ll see the horizontal red and green accentuated by a crisp, light canvas. Who wouldn’t want to accessorize a pair of jeans and plain tee with this flashy accessory?

Gucci Bifold Wallet GG Supreme Web Brown

Gucci Bifold Wallet GG Supreme Web Brown

This leather-trimmed wallet is a cute accessory to keep in your back pocket. Not only does it contain the stripe, but it also struts the GG canvas as well – similar to the messenger above. The wallet includes 8 card slots and a cash pocket to organize all of your financials in a classy fashion.

Gucci Print Belt Bag Vintage Logo Small Black

This black leather belt bag, or in more familiar terms, fanny pack, shows all of your curves in the best way. You heard us, it is a vintage black leather Gucci fanny pack. It has a striped adjustable strap, the official Gucci text, and a brass zipper and buckle.

GG Logo Print Colors

Gucci’s signature logo print shows a monogrammed and inverted “GG” on a beige canvas. The GG can be seen in the classic beige with brown text, grey with black text, as well as in a leather stitched black and dusty pink.

Gucci Drawstring Backpack Monogram GG Beige/Brown

Gucci Drawstring Backpack Monogram GG Beige/Brown

This drawstring backpack shows the signature GG logo print in a way that everyone can see themselves rocking. Whether you’re walking to work or enjoying a night out with your friends, this canvas and leather bag will show you have style, class, and practicality.

Gucci GG Marmont Camera Bag Matelasse Small Black

This black leather camera bag is entirely made of calfskin. With the brass GG logo in the front, as well as its half-chain, half-leather shoulder strap, you get a modern and simple design. This purse matches anything and everything, and you’ll be able to dress it up or down however you please.

Gucci Slim Backpack GG Black


This black, nylon backpack shows off the GG monogram in a business-casual kind of way. Accentuated by silver hardware and leather straps, this roomy backpack can hold all of your belongings with style and flair. Throw some spice into your 9-5 and throw on this backpack that’s big enough to keep your laptop, wallet, and keys secure.

Gucci Dionysus Shoulder GG Supreme Canvas Small Taupe

This shoulder bag displays the signature GG design but with a twist. It includes the silver Dionysus symbol on the front of the flap. As part of Gucci’s Fall 2015 collection, Dionysus expresses symbolism for the Greek goddess of fertility, wine, theatre, and ritual madness. This combination of both the GG canvas and Dionysus shows the fierceness that the Gucci brand upholds.

Other Popular Gucci Colors and Motifs

Other popular colors and motifs within the Gucci brand express edge and intensity. Decisions to include a splash of color, a new design, or an animal gives the products a unique quality. 

Some examples of other colors, motifs, and figures on StockX are right below.

Gucci Bifold Wallet GG Supreme Kingsnake (4 Card Slots) Beige

The Gucci red and green kingsnake plastered over the GG print exhibits a combination of the Gucci colors and the fearless creature. By placing the colors in the snake, Gucci shows its strength, determination, and slyness. It comes on a number of their products – including this wallet.

Gucci Pouch Blue Blooms Beige/Ebony

Gucci Pouch Blue Blooms Beige/Ebony

Gucci’s blue blooms can be found on a range of products. The pattern consists of blue geraniums artistically placed on top of the GG print. The blooms come in a warm color scheme as well. This pouch successfully expresses the flare with the blue over the classic beige print.

Gucci Tiger Print Backpack GG Supreme Monogram Brown/Green/Yellow

Gucci Tiger Print Backpack GG Supreme Monogram Brown/Green/Yellow

The Gucci Tiger print represents a fierceness. Also a work from Alessandro Michele, the tiger has become an icon for the Gucci brand. On this backpack, it’s paired with both the GG print and the canvas stripes for the two straps. This leather-trimmed backpack with the overlaid tigers and palms shows the braveness of the brand – and its determination to stay on top.

Gucci Marmont Flap Matelasse GG Super Mini Dusty Pink

Gucci Marmont Flap Matelasse GG Super Mini Dusty Pink

The classic dusty color can be shown with this calfskin leather Marmont flap bag. Accessorized by an aged gold chain and hardware, this dusty pink shows a new age of color that brings a splash of something new without going too bright.

In the end, Gucci will not ever disappoint because of their ability to morph and surprise their fans – without going off-brand. When you see a Gucci product, you know exactly what it is. This can be attributed to the beloved red and green stripe, the GG print, Gucci text logos, and a seemingly effortless touch of flair with their expressive motifs and colors