When we launched StockX over two years ago, we wanted to create a game-changing way to buy and sell sneakers online, where both buyers and sellers could exchange safely and anonymously transact across a TRUE market price.

After conquering kicks, we quickly moved on to handbags, watches, and streetwear. And now we’ve decided to pivot again.

From the stock market of things to the sock market of…socks.

We’re going back to basics, offering you the ability to buy and sell socks with an unprecedented level of knowledge and historical data. Now you can track the real-time value of hundreds of socks, from Hanes and Polo to Uniqlo and BAPE.

We’ve also removed the enormous amount of risk in buying and selling socks online. From no-shows to thigh-highs, all of our socks are 100% deadsock, passing through our team of expert sock authenticators to make sure they are always verified authentic. No more worrying if those wool grails are real.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to SockX.

Now you know.