Handbags - February 18, 2020

Key Pouches are the New Wallets

Falin Hakeem

Social Media Content Coordinator, StockX Bags

If you were a child of the early 2000s, then you probably remember everyone’s older sister rocking a Louis Vuitton Monogram Key Pouch on her car keys and thinking she was the coolest human ever. The good news is that key pouches are back and bigger than ever – well, they’re still the same size. But they’ve gotten so popular that we’d say that they’ve even replaced our trusty wallets. Here are our top five LV key pouch picks (in no particular order).

1.)  Monogram Key Pouch

The Monogram Key Pouch was the first ever key pouch Louis Vuitton released and it’s still one of the most popular LV accessories. The time has come to flex on your older sisters, sweeties.


2.) Damier Graphite Key Pouch

What we love about this key pouch is that it’s so universal, fans of any gender can rock this key pouch in Damier Graphite. It’s sleek, understated, AND it’ll go with your all black wardrobe.

3.) Murakami Multicolore Key Pouch 

You guys already know how much we adore anything LV that’s throwback/multicolore. Attach this colorful lil cutie to your belt loop for ALL the Summer 2020 vibes. It’ll SO complement that belly button ring – you’ll thank us in due time.


4.)  Monogram Cles Key Pouch 


We’ve got a special place in our hearts for this goth princess bb, specifically because it’s from Virgil’s debut Men’s SS19 collection for Louis Vuitton (We just <3 Virgil, okay). We advise you to really go off w/ this crazy orange chain. Pls & thx.


5.) Monogram Vernis Key Pouch 


We’re totally here for the return of the ever popular Monogram Vernis. ESP when it looks like Rainbow Fish. We’re betting good money that Kylie will soon be seen carrying this key pouch around at an LA gas station. Or Stormi. Whichever comes first.