Accessories - July 23, 2018

Sell For More! List Your Luxury Bags And Watches In 3 Clicks!

Are you a professional seller ready to make the most money on your luxury inventory? Are you a professional seller ready to sell luxury bags or watches in the easiest way possible?

Welcome to StockX. At StockX, professional sellers can sell brand new luxury bags and new luxury watches for more! Selling your bag or watch inventory for the most money has never been easier. Sellers set the price and are in complete control of how much an item is sold for. You ship your items to StockX for free, so they can be authenticated and checked for condition. StockX pays you and sends the verified item to the buyers.

Click here  – To see the marketplace for bags

Click here – To see the marketplace for watches

How To Sell on StockX:

  1. SEARCH: Find your bag or watch on StockX by searching for the brand, model and size and CLICK the RED SELL/ASK Button. Confirm the product is your bag or watch by reviewing the images and description (it’s already there).
  2. SELL NOW: If you see a BID (GREEN BOX has a number) you can “Sell Now” at the highest BID
  3. PLACE AN ASK: An ASK is your selling price

Get Discounted Rates:

StockX values professional sellers and wants each one to be successful selling their items. All members of the pawn industry are verified to receive our professional seller discounted rates. Professional sellers in the pawn industry receive special selling rates before anyone else. For more information please reach out to [email protected]


Condition Guidelines:

StockX only accepts bags that are brand new. All bags that are sent to StockX must be unworn and in pristine (flawless) condition. StockX only accepts bags with their original accessories they came with. For example, a Louis Vuitton Bandouliere bag will include the original strap. All Hermes bags must come with the lock and key.

All watches must be new. Watches must not have large scratches or dings in the bracelet, case, bezel, or crystal. All parts must consist of authentic manufacturer parts, from crystal to caseback (bezel included). All replacement parts must also be manufacture authentic. The strap must retain the original buckle, can show light use, may be bent or lightly creased, however, not stained. Original box and paperwork is not required, but if you have them please include them with the watch.

No Returns & Guaranteed Money !!

At StockX, our sellers will never have to worry about not receiving money from buyers or having your products returned by buyers if your inventory is authentic and new for luxury watches and brand new for luxury bags. Sellers choose their listing price to ensure they get the most value for their item. Sellers get paid once authentication takes place. Shipping is also on us!

If you are a professional seller, please reach out to us at [email protected]