StockX Select: Win The Ultimate BAPE Living Room

We are excited to announce our newest program: StockX Select.
StockX Select: Win The Ultimate BAPE Living Room

StockX Select is your chance to win a piece of streetwear history, as we take a look back at some of the most iconic collaborations, releases, and oddities from your favorite streetwear brands. This week we are offering you the opportunity to win the ultimate BAPE living room which includes:

  • BAPE x Modernica Coffee Table
  • BAPE x Modernica Eames Chair
  • BAPE x Rizzoli Coffee Table Book

To enter, click here and follow the instructions on the post.

bape living room set

The Ultimate BAPE Living Room Prize Pack


A Brief History of BAPE x Modernica

Focused on world-class fiberglass molding, woodworking, and upholstery, Modernica has a been a stalwart in the modern furniture industry for more than 25 years. Since their inception, Modernica has never hesitated to push the envelope of accepted design, pulling inspiration from traditional designers and new influences alike. In their first collaboration with streetwear powerhouse BAPE in 2009, they released an extremely limited set of 3 Eames Side Chairs (it was rumored that only 100 chairs were produced in each color). The chairs come with a solid colored seat, and BAPE’s iconic tonal camo pattern on the back. Not to be confused with the 2012 or 2017 versions, our prize pack includes the original 2009 green colorway which led the way for future collaborations with both BAPE & other streetwear brands. Here is a look at Modernica’s BAPE collaborations through the years:

bape x modernica chair

The 2009 version of the BAPE x Modernica Chair, which is included in the prize pack.

bape modernica 2009

BAPE’s 2009 Collaboration With Modernica

bape chair 2010

A Multi-Camo Color Released in 2010


bape modernica 2012

Modernica & BAPE teamed up again in 2012


bape modernica 2017

BAPE & Modernica’s latest collaboration, which released in 2017


Since the original BAPE collection dropped in 2009, Modernica has tapped a handful of other streetwear brands to produce branded Eames Chairs. The long list includes Undefeated, Collette, Anti Social Social Club, and The Hundreds, furthering the reach of their most iconic piece of furniture.


Collette x Modernica (2017)


The Hundreds x Modernica (2014)


undefeated modernica

Undefeated x Modernica (2015)


Anti Social Social Club x Modernica (2017)


While the classic Eames chair is Modernica’s most recognizable piece of furniture, the BAPE x Modernica Coffee Table that released in 2012 is arguably the most unique and iconic item the two have ever produced. The table was release in extremely limited quantities and was made available via pre-orders only. Nigo’s affinity for mid-century modern furniture was on full display, with the table’s custom ape-head design and detachable metal legs.

bape modernica coffee table

The iconic Ape-Head Coffee Table will be included as a part of the prize pack.

bape coffee table

BAPE x Modernica Coffee Table (2012)


To top off the holy grail of living room furniture, we’re including a BAPE x Rizzoli Hardcover Book in our prize pack. The book was published in 2008, and features a variety of historical interviews and photos detailing the brand’s history up until that point. The release of the book which is commonly referred to as the “BAPE Bible” paved the way for future Rizzoli books focusing on streetwear, street art, and various important figures in the industry.

bape rizzoli book

The final part of the prize pack – BAPE’s Multi-Camo Rizzoli Book.

rizzoli fragment

Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment (2014)


supreme rizzoli

Supreme (2010)


carhartt rizzoli

Carhartt WIP (2016)


kaws rizzoli

KAWS (2010)


pharrell rizzoli

Pharrell (2012)


murakami rizzoli

Takashi Murakami (2012)


To celebrate the kickoff of StockX Select & BAPE’s 25th Anniversary, we are launching a complete back catalog of BAPE’s e-Mook catalogs. This catalogs feature rarely seen images and product shots from 2005 to present. Click here to view them now.

Check back here on Friday, October 12th for the announcement of the winner. Stay locked to the StockX blog for all the latest news, releases and giveaways.


UPDATE 10/12/2018: Congratulations to our winner, Keondre from East Hartford, CT. Stay tuned to the StockX Blog and Instagram account for more StockX Select giveaways coming soon.

Rules & Eligibility:

  • Must be 18+ and a US resident
  • Must like and comment on the official @StockX Instagram post announcing the giveaway (see the post here)
  • Must be following the official @StockX, @StockXStreetwear, & @StockXSneakers Instagram accounts by 12:00pm (noon) EST on Friday, October 12th
  • The winner must complete a W9 before taking possession of the prize
  • For more information, see our terms and conditions

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