StockX Supreme Shopping Guide: Jackets

Volume 2 of our Supreme Shopping Guides.

As part of our Supreme 25th Anniversary features, we will be bringing you a selection of Supreme shopping guides with items curated by the StockX Streetwear Team. Each month, we’ll take a look at something new, including the best steals, biggest grails, and items of the year. For Volume 2, we bring you the best Supreme jackets available on StockX now. As always, just click the photos to shop.


Patches Denim Trucker Jacket
patches denim trucker

One of the most unique jackets in recent memory, the Patches Denim Trucker Jacket came in blue and black colorways, and features dozens of unique custom patches. Among the patches are quotes like “Abuse of Power”, “I didn’t come here to impress none of you motherfuckers”, & “There’s one in every family”. Other patches represent recurring imagery throughout Supreme’s history, like the lovable Camacho figure or “Don’t Ask Me For Shit” sequin-laced patch on the reverse. It’s rare to see this level of attention to detail on Supreme item, making it easily one of the most desirable jackets the brand has produced in recent memory.

Nike/NBA Teams Warm-Up Jacket
nba coaches warm up jacket

Part of Supreme’s iconic Spring/Summer 2018 Nike NBA collection, this warm-up jacket features patches from a handful of notable NBA teams along with the classic Supreme box logo stitched prominently to the lower left hand side. Made on a Nike garment, this jacket comes in three colorways and makes a great statement piece for any outfit.


Motion Logo Varsity Jacket

black motion logo varsity

Following the release of Motion Logo Tees and Vans during the Spring/Summer 2013 season, Supreme released a Motion Logo Varsity Jacket in two colorways during week 1 of their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Each jacket features a clean blank front and a detailed logo embroidered across the upper back. The motion logo is one of many alternate logos the brand has used for years, a clear reference to the notorious 1990 film ” Goodfellas” and it’s now iconic title card.


Undercover Coaches Jacket

undercover coaches jacket

Supreme’s Undercover collaborations have always been a smash hit. The two brands’ Fall/Winter 2016 offering was no different, with this Coaches Jacket highlighting the collection. Following Supreme’s tradition of using various historical paintings as inspiration for their items, the brands pulled Pieter Brugel the Elder’s 1562 painting titled “The Fall of the Rebel Angels” as the graphic for this jacket. The 16th century painting covers the jacket beautifully, starting with darker colors at the bottom and morphing into lighter colors near the collar, making this a “grail” status item with prices approaching $1,000 on StockX at the time of this writing.


Scarface Embroidered Leather Jacket

scarface leather

The Fall/Winter 2017 Scarface collection was one for the ages. Supreme included almost everything in this collection: t-shirts, hoodies, pants, jackets, accessories, skate decks, and more. One of the most limited items from the collection was this Embroidered Leather Jacket. The heavy coat featured detailed embroidery with “The American Dream” on the left arm and “The World Is Yours” on the right arm. Despite a retail price of $898, this jacket sold out immediately and has seen resale prices upwards of $1,500 on StockX.


Roses Sherpa Fleece Reversible Jacket

roses sherpa jacket


While fleece seems to be the hottest material of early 2019, Supreme was dropping some of their best fleece items years ago. Enter the Fall/Winter 2016 Roses Sherpa Fleece Reversible Jacket. Versatile and cozy, it’s no wonder this jacket sold out immediately and now carries a resale value of around twice it’s original retail price of $198. Well worth it, if you ask us.


Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

cowboy denim work

Supreme originally worked with artist Richard Prince back in 2007 for a set of skate decks, and then again in 2018 for the “18 & Stormy” tee. Sandwiched between those two released was the Spring/Summer 2017 season, which included the infamous Cowboy Denim Work Jacket. The denim jacket features an all-over print that uses the photography of Richard Prince, and has quickly become a classic item among collectors. The average sale price is $794 at the time of this writing, easily more that double the original retail price of $298.


Casino Down Jacket

casino down jacket

Supreme’s 2018 seasons hit heavy with the jackets, including a handful of TNF collaborations and a wide variety of in-house selections. One that may have slipped a bit under the radar is this Casino Down Jacket, which release during the Fall/Winter 2018 season and came in two colors. The jacket can be purchased for well below the original retail price of $348 (at the time of this writing) and provides an affordable alternative to the premium most Supreme jackets carry.


The North Face Denim Dot Shot Jacket

tnf denim shot

The North Face collaborations are one of Supreme’s most anticipated traditions year after year. The duo has been linking up at least once every season since 2007, bringing fans to a bigger frenzy with every passing season. One highlight from recent years is the Denim Dot Shot Jacket, which features a dark blue denim finish and Gore-Tex Windstopper technology. This iteration of the classic expedition jacket is one for the ages, while remaining low key enough to give you the subtle flex your looking for.


The North Face Expedition Fleece (FW18) Jacket

tnf fleece fw18

After dropping just two fleeces in the last 10 years since (Fall/Winter 2008 & Spring/Summer 2017), Supreme and The North Face came through with three new fleece jackets for the Fall/Winter 2018 season. The drop was heavily anticipated resulting in immediate sell out times. You can shop all three colors on StockX, with the Sulphur color being the most affordable.


Thanks for checking out this edition of our Supreme 25th Anniversary shopping guides. Stay tuned to the StockX blog throughout 2019 for more featured posts, and check out our entire catalog of Supreme 25th Anniversary content here.

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