What kinds of game consoles are sold on StockX?


Currently, StockX sells the latest consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well as assorted accessories, controllers and games for each of these systems.

What's the difference between the digital and the disc versions of the XBox and the PlayStation 5?

When purchasing a PlayStation 5 on StockX, the item page will always state whether you are buying a Blu-Ray or a digital edition of the console. The difference between the Blu-Ray and the digital editions of PlayStation 5 is as follows:

  • The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition does not have a disc drive

  • The PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition has a disc drive

When purchasing an XBox, the product page will always list it as an XBox Series S or an XBox Series X. The differences between these two products are as follows:

  • The XBox Series S does not have a disc drive

  • The XBox Series X has a disc drive

What is the current generation console For Microsoft?

The current generation console for Microsoft is the XBox Series X or XBox Series S, depending on whether you are interested in purchasing the disc or digital version of the console.

StockX also sells a small number of Microsoft's previous generation consoles, the XBox One X, as well.


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