July 2, 2018

StockX is Serious About Verification

StockX’s investment in verification has increased every year since 2016. The StockX team comprises more than 300 authenticators in 11 authentication centers across four continents. There are also 200 additional team members, from knowledge managers to quality assurance specialists, adding their own expert knowledge to the core function of verification.   

Verification is at the core of what StockX does. Since 2016, StockX’s verification process has rejected more than $400 million worth of products that did not meet verification standards, and StockX’s authenticators have stopped more than $60 million worth of fake sneakers from trading on the platform.

The Verification Process

StockX’s verification process combines human identification, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge AI technology. Each part of the process is a powerful check for verification. Taken together, StockX’s verification process combines   

  • Human Expertise
    • Touch and smell can be critical components when verifying
    • Ensuring the correct size, color, and condition of traded products is equally important
  • Expansive Database
    • StockX’s proprietary database includes billions of brand and product-specific data points
    • This includes specifics like product and packaging materials
  • Technology
    • Use of AI helps ensure that most minor details are taken into consideration

Every product traded on StockX must pass each rigorous step in our verification process before reaching your door, every time.