Accessories - December 25, 2019

Do You Know Your ABCs? - The Best Products of 2019

We spell out the best products of 2019 that you can find on StockX.

We spell out the best products of 2019 that you can find on StockX.

It’s been a long year, and while time always ebbs and flows, what never slowed down in 2019 was a consistent smattering of incredible releases. Week after week, day after day, our communities around Sneakers, Streetwear, Handbags, Watches, and Collectibles celebrated a banner year of amazing products. There’s almost too many to name. We tried anyway.

And what’s a year-end list without a kitschy way to break it all down? Let us walk you through your ABCs and spell out exactly why this year was so great.

A: Supreme x Band Aid Adhesive Bandages – For every W each one of us got this year, there had to be at least half a dozen Ls. That’s a lot of hurt. Constant injury like that needs medical attention, and nothing’s going to help your boo-boo better than a good old Band Aid. We’d never suggest a course of treatment that didn’t have its very own drip so our prescription isn’t generic, it’s Supreme. These Band Aids dropped for the low price of $6 back in March, but we saw a huge spike in trades on Black Friday (we know that was all about our Everybody Wins promotion). Take two and call us in the morning if bricked fits persist. – Pete Forester
B: Bearbrick SORAYAMA x Daniel Arsham 100% & 400% Set Silver – Famed Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama and iconic American artist Daniel Arsham teamed up for a set of Medicom Bearbricks in honor of the reopening of the iconic Shibuya Parco shopping mall in Tokyo. Each bear in the set is halved with Sorayama’s “superrealism” organic robot forms on one side and Arsham’s “Future Relic” project featuring petrified cultural artifacts. Cop the set to show off your good taste and knowledge of Tokyo shopping malls. – Kevin Kosanovich
C: Air Force 1 Low Clot Blue SilkIn the annals of sneaker collaborators, Clot will forever own the ‘C.’ Best known for their clear vamped 2006 Kiss of Death Air Max 1s, Clot collaborations always pop off and resell like crazy. The latest incarnation from the marriage of Nike and Clot is the Blue Silk Air Force 1 Low and like the white version that came out last year, it’s a total stunner. Blue embroidered silk covers the sneaker from toe to heel, but the real surprise is hidden under the silk: light brown leather is imprinted with the same designs as the embroidery. This guarantees a long life for a pair of sneakers that ages and wears in unique ways while inviting a wide array of customization. – PF
D: Dior x RIMOWA 4-Wheel Cabin SuitcaseThere’s nothing worse than the flood of overeager cabin crowders pushing towards an airport gate long before their later group has been called to board. Why not break all of their hearts while you push past to catch your flight (but not feelings) with the Dior x RIMOWA? This garishly gorgeous overhead-bin-approved luggage was first seen when Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian flashed it on Instagram causing a scene. Of course, they don’t have to fly commercial. While you’ll get everything brand spanking new through StockX we’ve got to warn you that a private jet is not included. – PF

E: Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless Melody EhsaniSaying 2019 has been a great year for women’s sneakers is a bit of a shame to even mention; we should be beyond seeing a difference in commercial viability between men’s and women’s sneakers. Unfortunately, the industry still has plenty of catching up to do. Melody Ehsani’s ongoing collaboration with Jordan Brand is helping push us all where we need to already be, and her Mid Jordan 1s of the Fearless campaign are doing more than their share. The shoes carry a literal message of empowerment with “If you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it” printed on the midsoles, and each pair of shoes features a veritable rainbow of leathers, making for a mismatched pair that’s perfectly matched. – PF
F: Jordan 1 Retro High Fearless UNC Chicago – One of the biggest surprise bangers of the year was the Jordan 1 Fearless UNC Chicago. The sneaker community can be fickle, especially when it comes to patent leather and bright colors, but these Fearless 1s feature both elements and didn’t even come with the cosign of a collaboration. The sneakers popped off anyway and trades were through the roof. – PF
G: Casio G-Shock x BAPE Limited Edition GA-110 – Even if you’re not a watch collector, you have to admit the G-Shock x BAPE GA-110 is a total stunner. That classic BAPE camo makes everything look dope af, and the old school 90s look of the heavy watch is so in your face that this very contemporary piece ends up feeling like it’s ripped straight out of the bygone era of snap bracelets and Dunkaroos. Plus the watch is relatively affordable considering some of the pricing in the watch space. At the end of the day, this is a can’t miss. – PF
H: Travis Scott Highest in the Room Sun Hoodie – Since the summer of 2018, Travis Scott has taken over the zeitgeist. From music, fashion, sneakers, to the tabloids, Cactus Jack has become shorthand for anything and everything cool and contemporary. The Travis Scott “Highest in the Room” Sun hoodie features Scott’s trademark stick figure graphics resting on the surface of the sun on the front, and the “Cactus Jack” logo with lyrics from the song on the back. With this hoodie, you can pull off a cozy fit while showing you’ve been down with Houston’s favorite son from Astroworld to Jack Boys. – KK

I: Off-White Industrial Belt – Have you ever thought that your belt should be more fashion-forward and evocative of yellow caution tape? If you answered “Yes” then the Off-White Industrial Belt is the statement piece your pants have been lacking. The famous Off-White deconstructed and industrial take on the unassuming belt includes yellow nylon webbing, red topstitching, and a black logo-engraved fastener. It’s time you stepped up your belt game. – KK
J: Jackie Robinson 1949 Bowman #50 – Jackie Robinson is the most important baseball player of all time and a harbinger of the US Civil Rights movement when he desegregated Major League Baseball in 1947. Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962 and his number “42” was retired by the MLB in 1997. This is a must-have for fans of baseball everywhere. – KK
K: KAWS Gone Figure Grey – Art and pop culture superstar KAWS spent 2019 dismantling the boundaries between fine art, street culture, and fashion. This 14″ vinyl figure depicts KAWS’ most popular character, the Companion, carrying one of his other popular characters, the BFF. The figure dropped in three colorways, mixing the traditional Companion and BFF colorways to create a Black Companion carrying a Black BFF, a Grey Companion carrying a Pink BFF, and a Brown Companion carrying a Blue BFF. Pick this up and solidify your Art Star status for 2020. – KK
L: Luka Doncic 2018 Panini Prizm Rookie Silver #280During Luka Doncic’s rookie season, he showed the entire world why he belonged in the NBA. Doncic recorded triple-doubles and the hit game-winning shots you dream about at night. But the Dallas Maverick didn’t stop there. Doncic is currently pushing his 2018 momentum into the current season and is having debatably the best sophomore season ever in NBA history. Try grabbing Doncic’s rookie card now because it will only go up from here. – Tamar Davis

M: Kith x Bearbrick Monday Program Vol. 3 100% & 400% Set Flocked – When Kith mastermind Ronnie Fieg teamed up with Medicom to create a series of Bearbricks for Kith’s Monday program, some serious fire was going to be created. Released just in time for the holidays, the Kith x Bearbrick Monday Program Vol. 3 100% and 400% Set Flocked brings fuzzy heat. The set is textured in hues of brown, purple, beige, and burnt orange. These are the perfect art pieces to flex your style and authoritatively explain the meaning of flocking. – KK
N: Supreme Wooden Nutcracker – There’s nothing more festive and of-the-season than a decorative wooden nutcracker that’s going to have a hell of a time cracking any nuts. While nutcrackers originate from the 1600s in Germany, first created by the brand Seiffen that still produces these highly demanded dudes every year, leave it to Supreme to drag them into 2020. Supreme is the perennial ridiculous accessories supplier, and it’s that ridiculousness that keeps us coming back. There’s no better way to bridge the gap between you and your grandmother’s collecting habits than with this wooden soldier ready to take down the rat king, or any fuccboi for that matter. – PF
O: Nike x Olivia Kim HoodieOne of the dangers of creative product collaborations is that designers often feel obliged to go over the top to make a name for themselves in the space. Olivia Kim didn’t give into that trend with her collaborations with Nike. Instead, she brings restraint and perspective to everything she and Nike create together, including this deceptively simple hoodie. The fit is reminiscent of 90s styling, while the black has been slightly distressed for a lived-in feel. An embroidered Swoosh tips the design over the top. – PF
P: Louis Vuitton Multi Pouchette – Sometimes more really is more. The hottest bag of the season from Louis Vuitton is actually three different bags that can come together to create a singular understated look. The Pochette Accessoires, Mini Pochette Accessoires, and Round Coin Purse come with a gold chain and branded khaki strap giving any bag lover the opportunity to mix and match different arrangements for a custom feel. Whether you want to clip them all together for one big uber accessory or pick and choose what smaller flex you want to rock, anything is possible with the Multi Pouchette. – PF

Q: Reebok Question Mid Grey Suede – Allen Iverson is known as “The Answer,” so it makes some kind of sense that his signature shoe is the Reebok “Question.” Releasing in a “Grey Suede” colorway, this updated version includes grey suede detailing on the upper, with light and dark contrasting, a sail-white midsole, and grey outsole for a sneaker as versatile as AI in his prime. We know the shoes don’t officially drop until 2020, but it’s close enough. The only question you’ll be answering is how many pairs you should cop. – KK
R: Rolex Daytona 116595RBOW – The ultimate flex from this year (or any year) is the Rolex Daytona Rainbow Everose. It’s not enough that it’s riddled with gemstones, it’s not enough that it’s lacquered in rose gold, and it’s not enough that it has four different sets of hands to give you more information than you could possibly hope for: the watch is a veritable rainbow. If hourly reminders of the Rolex logo won’t bring a smile to your face, the spectrum of colors and shining diamonds definitely will. But of course, all those smiles come with a cost – and it’s steep. – PF
S: Supreme Swarvoski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt – Supreme is known for announcing collaborations that inspire head-scratching, but when we heard about an upcoming Swarvoski collection there was truly no way to know what to expect. The execution was flawless, multifaceted, and shines bright. Drilling deep into box logo tradition, Swarvoski crystals were inlayed into the most recognizable Supreme product of all time, adding some literal sparkle to a piece that already sparkles on the street. A brilliant blend of literal and figurative, the hoodie (and tee) is a gem at any price. – PF
T: Air Jordan x Travis Scott 6 Retro – From selling out arenas to selling out sneakers, Travis Scott could do no wrong in 2019. But what set him apart from other artists would undoubtedly be the release of the highly-anticipated Jordan 6 Retro “Travis Scott.” These shoes debuted during La Flame’s Super Bowl LIII performance, which would later add much hype to the release in October 2019. Now’s the perfect time to finally wake up, cut the stargazing, and prepare for the rodeo with these kicks in your possession. – TD

U: KAWS x Uniqlo Clean Slate Tee – KAWS has been at the top of the game for years now, but he truly broke into the mainstream with the Uniqlo collaboration that dropped back in June. He’s never created anything as accessible before, bringing his work to fans all over the world at eminently affordable price points. It’s for those reasons, and more, that we’ve seen more than one thousand trades per month on StockX for this single tee shirt, a trend that we can expect to continue if KAWS keeps hitting with more contemporary classics and bringing his work to the masses. – PF
V: Bottega Veneta – The Pouch Butter Calf Nero – Bottega Veneta’s The Pouch has proven to be one of the biggest hits of the year. BV’s signature woven leather is available on some versions of The Pouch, but where the bag really sings is when it’s done up in smooth leather. Because of the clutch’s design, almost nothing is visible on the bag other than the leather, making it a unique blend of minimal sophistication with an air of indulgence. The design is anything but complex, while the bunching of leather around the opening feels fully opulent. The Pouch is so popular it’s proven a little difficult to track down, but don’t worry, we can do that for you. – PF
W: Virgil Abloh x IKEA MARKERAD “Wet Grass” – Not content with being the biggest name in sneakers, streetwear, and fashion, in 2019 Virgil Abloh decided he wanted to be the king of IKEA and affordable home furnishings, too. Virgil’s Off-White offered a range of products complete with its trademark tongue-in-cheek humor. But the best item was the grass green “Wet Grass” floor rug. Equal parts functional rug and art piece, Virgil was able to bring the hypebeasts to IKEA. Rumor has it Virgil is now working on his meatballs recipe. – KK
X: Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Skeleton – Look, you’re not going to find an ‘X’ anywhere in the name or description of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Skeleton, but it kinda looks like an X-ray situation and there weren’t a lot of products in 2019 that had an X in the name. Can you throw us a bone? Either way, the sneaker popped for Halloween, inspiring a terrifying amount of fervor and for great reason: the shoes are dope. RuPaul says, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag,” and while getting bone-deep isn’t exactly nude, it’s just as exposing. Other than the orthopedic print on the side of the shoe, the low Air Force 1s are total classics with black leather all over with tonal lining and laces with one little addition: a translucent sole that looks so good it’s scary. – PF
Y: adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black (Non-Reflective) – It’s a shame we have to get all the way to ‘Y’ to bump up against the most traded sneaker of the year. At 80,000 trades in 2019 so far and counting, it’s obvious Ye made a shoe that’s inspired insane demand and a relatively long life cycle with price premiums consistently above 50% since first release. There are a ton of reasons that the adidas Yeezys Boost 350 V2 Black (Non-Reflective) would stay at the peak of performance: the connection to Kanye, the wearable colorway, the comfort, or the sheer volume of supply. Every consumer has their reason to cop or trade and whatever yours is, it’s obviously one of many. – PF
Z: Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Off-White – At this point, Virgil Abloh and Off-White have carte blanche when it comes to reimagining Nike silhouettes. Virgil Abloh creates a completely post-modern take on Nike’s running history with track and field for the “Athlete in Progress” collection. With details such as hits of lime green, rubber spikes, modified tongue construction, an oversized Swoosh logo, and Off-White’s signature text, the Zoom Kiger 5 makes a statement without you ever needing to visit a track. – KK