January 3, 2020

How to Achieve Your 2020 Resolutions

New Year, new you, right? Maybe…

This year you’re the same you that crawled across finish line of 2019 but with a strategically chosen resolution you can try to do better than last year, even if only for the first couple months. Experience tells us that the best intentions aren’t what’s going to make you succeed, you’re going to need some support to reach those goals. And we’re here to help.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, travel more, or just save money, we have pointers (and products) for whatever you’re trying to achieve.


Less Screen Time

The instinct to step away from the inundation of screens and the anxiety that comes with social media is a great one. But it’s super hard to do, especially in 2020. The best way to set yourself up for success in the new year is to avoid screens entirely and let this new way of living become your new habit.

The first thing you’ve got to do is reduce the number of screens in your life, and we’re going to start with what’s on your wrist. The G-Shock GA2100-1A1 is digitally minimal and isn’t shining a light in your face at all hours of the day. Reducing distractions will reduce your reliance on screens.

Once you put your phone down you’re going to need something to do. Most of our reliance on screens and technology comes from an unpracticed ability to engage deeply with offline experiences. All you have to do to succeed is replace the digital activity with analog activity. Use your new downtime to read Daniel Arsham’s Snarkitecture book and learn about his process and how you can use it to inspire all your new creative pursuits. But don’t forget to take notes.

If it’s too hard to rip yourself away from your screens, at least throw a pair of sunglasses on to help filter out that blue light. It may also make it harder to even see your screens, which could help wean you off.

If none of that works, grab this keychain from Supreme and pray to Ganesh to remove the obstacles from your life.

If that doesn’t work just throw all your screens in the trash.

Workout More

“Workout more” is a super popular resolution, but it masks a larger issue: the fact that many Americans aren’t happy with their bodies. If you’ve added “Workout more” to your list for 2020, can we suggest shifting it to “Achieve a better relationship with my body”? Of course, your health is a major consideration regardless of how you think about this new promise to yourself, but it’s the framing that counts.

An Apple Watch can help track your physical activity, which is great, but it can also help you with more holistic health concerns – like ensuring you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep has as much impact on your physical and mental health as any exercise regimen, so you better take it seriously.

Not drinking enough water every day can also have a major negative impact on your health. The quickest way to figure out how much water you need to drink every day is to drink 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Hydration is more fun if you like your water bottle, and the new-ish Sigg x Supreme water bottle is the dopest way to keep the blood flowing. Just don’t drink more than one quart of water per hour – your body can’t metabolize more than that.

There are plenty of workout clothing options to choose from, but we love what Off White made with Nike in 2018. Everyone is on their own journey and needs to be as comfortable as possible, so don’t just shop for activewear because it’s cool – get what’s going to make you feel like a badass. These make us feel great, whether we can run the extra mile or are just struggling to get to a boxing class. Either way, the effort is more than half the battle and you can’t succeed unless you treat yourself with love and respect.

Spend Less Money

Financial stability is one of the best ways to guarantee long term mental health, so you should definitely reach into your closet and see what you can post for sale here on StockX. Another way to gain financial stability is to spend less money. Huge news, right?

While investing in quality pieces that will last is a great long term strategy, if you haven’t already started you may want to hold off on making those major purchases this year.

Might we suggest some classic options that will keep you from overindulging?

The G-Shock x The Hundreds collaboration popped off but is super affordable. While everyone else is tripping over themselves to grab the latest straps, you’ll be low key flexing with a retro watch that barely breaks a Benjamin.

Reebok’s Workout is one of the most woefully underrated sneakers ever made, but you can totally let the lack of hype work in your favor. This pair of “Vintage Chalk” Workouts has the classic look with an average ask of $80. The Workout is always in style, and the off white color means they match everything.

But, it’s not enough to think you’re going to spend less. You have to do something about it. The incredibly affordable Supreme x The North Face Travel Wallet lets you keep your bills and cards around your neck and under all your winter layers. If it’s hard to get at, it’s hard to spend.

And then once you start saving up those racks you have to keep them safe. There’s no better place to keep all your extra cash than in the Supreme Lockbox. While this is the only item on this list that’s over retail (or over $100 at that), you can’t over-invest in security. Save it all and lock it up.

Stay Single

If the goal isn’t to save as much as possible, you could certainly simplify a lot in your life by flying solo. And what’s the easiest way to stay single? Straight flex all the way to a 0 balance and have no money left to butter up a significant other.

If you take our advice and invest your spare dollars in the greatest Nike Dunks of all time (that are reasonably available), the biggest low-key flex piece from the most hyped collection of all time, the greatest, boldest watch of the decade, and a preposterously priced and preposterously concepted piece of art, you’re not going to have much money left over to spend on a honey.

Conversely, if you already have a partner, financial decisions like these may make you quickly single. That’s okay! That’s the goal! We’ll help you pack. Just throw it all in this gorgeous puffer monogram Louis Vuitton Keepall and keep it moving.

Be More Organized

We probably all need a little assistance in the organization department and what better time to guiltlessly start than the first of the New Year? Organization can be made easy if you have the help of a few products that will get you to where you want to be.

Our organization-made-easy suggestion include a portfolio case from BAPE and Montblanc to store important documents, a Supreme backpack that has the capacity of 25 liters because obviously we all have plenty to carry, a reliable and classy watch from IWC that will always tell you the date and time for those days when you feel extra jumbled, and of course a Louis Vuitton pocket organizer to store your cards, cash, notes, dry cleaning slips, and anything else that the “old you” would probably lose.

We have full faith that 2020 is going to be your year especially with these additions that aren’t cheap but are definitely an investment for the new you.

Travel More

Traveling is the best way to take a break from your day-to-day and hit the reset button which is why we all need to get some more travel in the books for the New Year. If you’re trying to be more emotionally stable in the New Year, traveling just might be the answer.

To start, you obviously need to travel in style and what better way to do that than with an Off-White x Rimowa Carry-On Case? You’ll have heads turning at TSA. If there’s one travel accessory that’s a great investment, it has to be a classic Louis Vuitton Passport Cover. It’s the perfect go-to for your international flex with a nice touch of luxury and this damier graphite is a solid genderless choice. For longer trips especially, a neck pillow is a must if you’re trying to rest up during your flight. Why get an ordinary one at the airport gift shop when you can show off a BAPE Neck Pillow for just a little more cash? And let’s not forget that comfort is key when it comes to spending a lot of time in airports and on planes. If you pair a Uniqlo x Engineered Garments Fleece with a sneaker that can support your feet when you’re walking to gates (like this adidas Terrex) you’ll be all set. Add these items to your suitcase for that extra push to book your next flight, just make sure not to lose your Off-White x Rimowa carry-on at baggage claim.