Whoa, a lot just happened.  Let’s take a moment to process everything that went down yesterday.  If for no other reason than we need to remind ourselves of all of the stuff that was announced by us, or about us.

Most important Reminder – FREE SNEAKERS

Amidst the media frenzy yesterday, we have a hunch that a lot of people probably overlooked the fact that we are indeed giving away 73 pairs of sneakers.  We published one of our typical, overly wordy blog posts here to announce the giveaway and the official rules governing it.  You can earn entries into the giveaway through a couple of different ways, but the most enticing one should surely be that you can earn unlimited entries for everyone you invite that also signs up.

Also, we are giving away some serious heat so make sure you get your entries in early and often.  A couple of notables among the first ten pairs in yesterday’s contest announcement – AJ2 Don C’s, Yeezy 350 Turtledoves, Sock Dart Be True and a personal favorite, Air Max 1 Bred.

Every day until the contest ends at 11:59 on Thursday, October 8th (the lawyers require that we say that), we will be revealing more of the sneakers that will be available to the winners.  Don’t believe us?  Today we are adding two pairs of Diadora’s to the giveaway that we happen to personally own and love.  Don’t worry, the pairs we are giving away are all deadstock.

We feel that a lot of people slept on these for one reason or another.  Both were exclusive to each collaborating sneaker shop, were European exclusives, are made up of super-premium materials and have great thematic inspirations.

Well here’s your chance to get them for free.

Diadora N9000 x 24 Kilates “Sol” – Size 13

Diadora 24 Kilates



Diadora N9000 x Solebox “Ferro” – Size 11.5

Diadora Solebox


Reminders of all of the Other Stuff That Happened

  1. We formally announced that we received a significant investment from Dan Gilbert and Detroit Venture Partners. You can read the full press release here.  Within the press release we mention that we’ve moved our headquarters from Philadelphia to Detroit.  We also briefly talk about the launch of Collections – the new sneaker portfolio-like feature on our site.
  2. TechCrunch published an article about us. You can read it here
  3. ESPN published an article about us. You can read it here
  4. Complex published an article about us. You can read it here
  5. Sole Collector published an article about us. You can read it here
  6. Kicks on Fire published an article about us. You can read it here
  7. To commemorate the big news, High Snobiety and Kicks Posters were awesome enough to put all of our collaborations in one easy to find place here
  8. We are probably missing a couple of other articles, so if you see any more out there, please send them to us at – [email protected] – so we can add them to our list.

Reminder About Collections

After our children, this is the thing that we created that we are most proud of right now.  We launched the new Collections feature on the site and published a thorough instructional blog post here on how to use it.  Collections is something that we’ve wanted to include on the site since day one and something that our fans have been requesting since day one.  So, we are very proud and excited to have finally brought this vision to reality.  Here’s some quick sneakerhead data on the sneakerhead data that you’ve all created on Collections created so far.

  1. Over 450 Collections have been created as of writing this blog
  2. 48 Collections are valued above $10,000
  3. The most valuable collection is worth $196K….and we’ll take it on faith that, that person actually owns 4 pairs of Space Jams, a pair of Air Mags and the Yeezy 350 Turtledoves and Pirate Blacks.
  4. 9 Collections have over 100 pairs; 27 Collections have over 50 pairs


Keep it coming, and remember to keep your Collections current and accurate.  Trust us, it will come in handy later.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what else is getting added to the giveaway and keep earning those entries!