Sneakers - April 2, 2014

Upcoming Campless Appearances + Nike Easter Pack Resell Breakdown

As word of sneakerheaddata has spread near and narrow (a lesser measure than far and wide) Campless has gained a Spencer Hawes’ worth of awareness – a local favorite of some, invisible to most.  Fortunately, that was enough to get us invited to appear on The Sitdown with @TheDonDrew and @Sneakersensei.  So while I and three other people in Philly still mourn the loss of the real Hawes, this will certainly help mask my pain.  The show airs Thursday April 10 at 10pm ET.  This will be the first time I step out from behind the Campless logo and my fancy written prose to publicly discuss sneakerheaddata.

I have two goals for my appearance on The Sitdown:

  1. Educate folks about what Campless is, what we do and why
  2. Prove or disprove this comment I received on NikeTalk last week:  “Shoe price guide? lol. The socially awkward dudes won.”

In addition to The Sitdown, a second public appearance is not far behind.

Campless will be at the Baltimore Sneaker Show on April 19.  We’ve got ourselves a table and will be sitting there talking sneakerheaddata with anyone who wants to stop by.  We’ll also have free mini-price guides to give out.  In support of our first sneaker show appearance (as Campless), which just so happens to be at the show held on Easter weekend every year, we’ve done a resell comparison of the past two Nike Easter packs.

BSS Easter Pack 040214 v4

Key Insights:

  • We haven’t done many GR charts so this is an excellent chance to look at resell premium – commonly known as margin – which is a measure of relative difference in price between retail and resell.
  • Only 2 of the 6 Easter pack shoes are selling for considerably more than retail.  The KD 4 has a resell premium of 114% and the Kobe 8 premium is 44%.
  • The four other shoes, however, are all under 10%.  The Lebron 10 actually has a negative resell premium (-23%) indicating that it sells for less than retail on the secondary market (also known as “ain’t nobody want that”).
  • For more info on resell premium and other Campless data terms see “Math Class:  Sneakerhead Statistics Defined“.

And the most important insight . . . catch Campless on The Sitdown, Thursday April 10th at 10pm and at the Baltimore Sneaker Show, Saturday April 19.

Hope to see you there.