Sneakers - December 16, 2014

Women, Sneakers & Data (Part 3): Top Women's Kicks

Part Two Recap:

  • The resell market for GS/women’s sneakers is $16 million a year, or 1.6% of the entire resell market
  • Women are older, better educated, have more sneakers and spend more money on sneakers than men
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Part Three:  Top Women’s Kicks

You may recall that in Part One we were asked by Kicks0l0gy for help copping a grail.  After doing so, we got to chatting and came up with a list of sneakers that are extremely popular or highly sought after by women today.


  • We started with the 1162 sneakers currently tracked by Campless.  We identified GS-only sales (size 7 and under) for those which were released in all sizes, and all sales for those GS-only pairs (such as the AJ11 Pink Snakeskin)
  • We added several others at Kicks0l0gy’s suggestion, including the Air Max 1 Liquid Pack, which required writing custom queries
  • All data was pulled on August 15, 2014 for deadstock eBay sales over the previous 12 months
  • There was no volume threshold to make the list.  For example, there was only one pair of LeBron 4 Fruity Pebbles sold (size 6.5). It went for $6100 and therefore claimed the number 1 spot.

The final list was a “Magical” (i.e., 32) compilation of both familiar and forgotten grails:

Campless - Top Womens Shoes 121114

Key Insights:

  • The big picture here is obvious:  women (or small-footed men) shell out big bucks for kicks just like men.  Five pairs had an average price of at least $1000.  That’s crazy.
  • Most of the list is as expected. No surprise to see Yeezys, ParaNormans, Pre-Heats, and various DBs near the top of the pack

The real question, though, is how do these prices compare to the same shoe in mens size?

Campless - GS v Men 121114

This chart shows the ten sneakers which have the largest variation in price between men and women sizes.  The top five are those for which the GS size is more expensive than the men.  The bottom five are those for which the men size is more expensive than the GS.

Key Insights:

  • When looking at just these ten shoes, there is no obvious pattern as to why certain shoes command higher prices in one size range versus the other.
  • Upon closer inspection we may be able to say that women are paying more for the very rare pairs (Yeezy, ECP) while men are paying more for basketball shoes (4/5 from the “men” list are basketball kicks while only one from the GS list is a ball shoe, and that one is pink.

What do you think?  Are there any additional GS-only sneakers that resell for a lot of money?


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