StockX Watches 2017 Cultivated Gift Guide


It’s that time of year, and before you put on your Sunday’s best and head to the mall, we’ve got some ideas that’ll save you a trip or two. Those of us on the StockX Watch team have curated a selection of gifts, both watches and otherwise, that will undoubtedly make a splash at any of your holiday gatherings this season. We even asked our friends at StockX Bags and StockX Sneakers to make some contributions. Within this guide, we’ve got gifts accessible to everyone, ranging in price from sub $30, on up to “if you have to ask” territory. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Artemis, by Andy Weir

If you went to the theater to see Matt Damon’s harrowing experience on Mars in the flick The Martian, you may be interested to know that the book it’s based on is even better. Author Andy Weir is adept at capturing fantastic events and the science behind it in realistic and approachable ways. His latest book just hit shelves, and it’s called Artemis. This time, we are transported to the moon for a look at its budding affluent community and a would-be smuggler looking to make ends meet. It’s an adventure and a fitting follow up to The Martian, but reader beware, this is no sequel. Get your copy right here

STRINGBACK Driving Gloves from Autodromo

Stringback Gloves

There are few accessories that can heighten a weekend drive through the twisties, those being a proper watch, some shoes that allow for heel-toeing, stylish sunglasses, and one item you may not have laying around, some driving gloves. The Stringback driving gloves from Autodromo (they sell other things, too) ooze style with their short, split cuff (can’t be covering the watch), strung back, and genuine leather palm for max grip on the wheel and shifter. These gloves are offered in 4 colorways and will make getting up early to catch the open road that much easier. Find your pair here

NATO Straps from Crown & Buckle

If you’re at all into watches, chances are good you’ve got a stash of NATO straps in a drawer somewhere. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and personality of your watch on the fly. To stock up on new patterns and colors, we head over to Crown & Buckle and browse the latest. You won’t find a better way to change up the look of your watch for under $20. Not sure what a NATO strap is? Check out this blog post of ours to learn all about them and then head to Crown & Buckle to stock up.

A Man & His Watch, by Matt Hranek

Have you ever wondered how brands like Rolex and Omega got their reputation? In some cases, they are in no small part due to their connections to people, and to stories. This book, by author Matt Hranek, explores those people, and their stories all while showcasing their watches in glorious, high definition photography. Some of those people include larger than life figures like JFK, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Paul Newman, and their stories will add new depth to brands you may look at a little differently after reading. Get yours right here

Bell & Ross Vintage Officer

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross are generally known for their instrument panel style watches featuring square cases. But their vintage line of watches makes use of more traditional rounded cases and seemingly simple dial designs. The Vintage Officer seen here has a silver dial with radial sunburst finishing, oversized 3, 9, and 12 numerals, and a nested date window inside a small seconds subdial, all located neatly at 6 o’clock on the dial. These small details pay big dividends to the look of the watch as a whole, creating a beautiful formal wear look that won’t break the bank. Get your Bid in right here.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a brand that makes watches for watchmakers. Their prolific history as caliber manufacture means many of their movements can be found in use across a wide range of other watch brands. With the release of the Master Control Date earlier this year, JLC places their movement know-how into a beautifully designed and better yet, accessible dress watch. This is a watch that hits all the right notes, from the subtle but complex dial, the dimensions (39mm X 8.5mm) and of course, the lovely view of the movement through the back. All of this in a package that comes in under $5,000. Bid now right here.

Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Boy Bag

Coming in small, medium, new medium and large, the boy bag is available in black, ivory, red and grey. Unlike more traditional Chanel styles which have softer edges around the flap, the boy bag has a sleek rectangular border. The hardware also has more of a masculine touch: the signature chain strap is a heavier chain and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. The front flap has metal CC interlock and the interior lining is black canvas. It comes in traditional Chanel colors, but is also available in yellow and fuschia and even gets dressed up in tweed, metal, and goatskin. Over time, the boy bag has become a favorite, attracting new Chanel fans and solidifying its place as a classic in the brand

Cartier Tank Americaine

Cartier Tank

Another new releaser from Cartier is the Tank Americaine, which updates a model first released in the late 80’s. The new models are stainless steel, and offered in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The curvature of the case is distinctive but doesn’t inhibit wear. This is a watch that exudes luxury in a way that begs a closer look, rather than calling unwanted attention to itself. Signature Cartier details remain, such as the emerald in the crown, and the spelled out ‘Cartier’ in the Roman numeral VII. This is one you’ll want to save for special occasions. Find it right here

Ugly Sweater Nike SB Dunk by Concepts

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk High Ugly Christmas Sweater 2017

Nothing says commitment like participating in the ageless corporate tradition of wearing an ugly sweater to the company’s holiday party. Boston’s Concepts boutique has brought an update to the Ugly Sweater Dunks from 2013 with less traditional holiday colors for 2017 but with the addition of everyone’s favorite, gingerbread man cookies. Despite the name and disappointed facial expressions on the cookies, we’re pretty sure these will make you the most talked about guest of the party this season. They do not, however, guarantee your subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club. You’ll have to achieve that on your own.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 

If you thought getting a Rolex watch was out of reach, you may be surprised to find a watch like the Oyster Perpetual (OP for short) are more accessible than ever on StockX. Not only is the watch get-able (current Ask is $4,799), it comes with all the legendary Rolex durability and build quality you’d expect from their high-end models. The OP here has a beautiful grey dial with subtle blue accent outside each of the hour markers. Size is perfect at 39mm, the bracelet is built like a tank, and it wears how all watches should. Makes for the perfect first Rolex, and one to keep. Get your Bid in right here

The Gucci Marmont Mini Matelasse Bag


Image credit to blake von d

What the Gucci Marmont Mini Matelasse bag lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. This chain shoulder bag features a soft shape and oversize flap, all comprised of matelassé chevron leather, serving as the perfect canvas for the Double G hardware. The sliding chain strap means this versatile bag can be slung over the shoulder or used as a top handle bag. The GG design is a classic, recalling the symbol of the Italian house made famous in the ’70s, while being completely on trend at the moment. A perfect gift for the fashionable female in your life.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday

Omega Speedmaster

Earlier this year, Omega announced a limited edition of their iconic Speedmaster watch through their Instagram channel, and it subsequently becoming the brand’s first watch to be sold exclusively online. All 2,012 examples were spoken for within the day. The design of the Speedy Tuesday Speedmaster was inspired by the Alaska Project III developed for NASA in 1978 (these watches are a story for another day). The watch, which was never available commercially, features a unique dial design that reconfigures the sub-dials to pull the markers into the flat portion of the register, pushing the numbers themselves to the outer ring. This was done at the request of NASA to bring a greater level of legibility to the dial. The Speedy Tuesday follows suit in its design, though Omega decided to go with a reverse-panda colorway here, setting white sub-dials over the black dial. It’s beautiful, and it’s instantly collectible. Get yours on StockX right here.

Jordan 11 Win Like 96

Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Nike and Michael Jordan released the Air Jordan 11. His Airness hasn’t been on the court professionally in 15 years. Yet every holiday season, the sneaker world takes a moment to appreciate MJ and his shiny patent leather Jordans with a new release of the AJ11. This year, the all red colorway harkens back to the glory days with a “Win Like 96” theme that feels like it could have been on Michael’s feet back in the day. You can step into the metaphorical fountain of youth with a pair of your own now from StockX.

A. Lange & Sohne 1815

Lange 1815

Need to go all out this holiday season? Look no further than this 1815 from German manufacture A. Lange & Sohne. You never forget the experience of turning over a watch built by A. Lange & Sohne and seeing the movement for the first time. The hand-finished bridges made of German silver, the engraved balance-cock, the blued screws; it’s a sight to behold, and that feeling of seeing one for the first time never really goes away. It’s true for their complicated watches, as it is for their time-only affairs. This 1815 is the latter and presents the most accessible opportunity to begin your Lange collection. Take that step right here

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