April 14, 2022

Best Sandals for Summer

Whether hiking on a trail or lounging by the pool, there’s a great sandal for every occasion under the sun. Here are the best for the summer.

Whether hiking on a trail or lounging by the pool, there’s a great sandal for every occasion under the sun. Here are the best for the summer.

With warmer temperatures finally arriving in most parts of the country, it feels like summertime is right around the corner. Bonfires, beach, barbecues. We believe in looking your best while staying comfortable in the heat. And it all starts with your footwear. 

Sandals should never be an afterthought. While it may be tempting to reach for an old pair of throwaway sandals, consider investing in a pair that will keep your feet both sophisticated and comfy and, you know, endure more than just one season. Whether hiking on a trail or lounging by the pool, there’s a great sandal for every occasion under the sun. We’ve chosen the Best Sandals for Summer. 

Crocs Pollex Clog by Salehe Bembury Cucumber

Designed by renowned footwear designer Salehe Bembury, the Crocs Pollex Clog by Salehe Bembury marries form and function while balancing heritage and nostalgia. Composed of three of Bembury’s own fingerprints formed together, the sandal’s dramatic concave ridges permit multi-dimensional traction. It’s also worth noting that this particular Croc was the first closed heel clog that the omnipresent brand created. In addition to the cool factor of the Croc Pollex Clog, its design is unrivaled for a sandal of its kind. Holes on the upper of the Pollex align with the high-heat areas of the foot, allowing for increased breathability. To round it out, a removable canvas ankle strap gives the wearer styling options. Whether lounging at the pool or hitting a hiking trail, this is the perfect sandal to slip on.

adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR

The adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “Ochre” combines a futuristic aesthetic with a monochromatic, muted finish. It’s one of Kanye West and adidas’ newer colorways features a golden ochre one-piece EVA foam construction. Cut-outs throughout the design provide ample ventilation, while the cushioned footbed offers support. The golden ochre color gives off a sleek, minimal look, and it’s this understated, yet breathable design, that makes it a great sandal for summer.

adidas Yeezy Slide

Like the Yeezy Foam RNNR, the Slide is also constructed of EVA foam, but it differs in its much more traditional, slide form. This lightweight sandal in bright, monochromatic neon Glow Green provides a luminous, airy look and is designed for ultimate comfort with a strategic groove placement on the underfoot. We love the bold colorways of the slide release from last fall, and the Glow Green is fire. 

Nike ISPA Overreact Sandal

Another sandal with a distinct, durable design is the Nike ISPA Overreact Sandal. It’s built on the same foundation as the Overreact shoe, yet stripped down, and features a textured React Foam sole that uses an abstract tread pattern with a nod to improvised traction systems. While this particular sandal is a stellar option for a walk in nature – the stacked upper uses multiple layers to provide both structure and protection for a breezy fit – its design also allows for free-flowing air to keep cool on those unseasonably hot days. 

Gucci Web Slide Sandal

The Gucci Web Slide Sandal channels those Miami Vice vibes that are sure to inspire an impromptu trip to the beach. This casual rubber sandal sports the iconic Gucci House imprint, with a molded rubber footbed that provides ultimate comfort and support. So the next time you find yourself in Miami – or any beach town, for that matter –  reach for a pair of these before you hit the beach or step out for an evening stroll on the town. There could be 100 people in a room, and 99 are going to think these are the right choice for any event.

Dior Alpha Sandal Oblique

The Dior Alpha Sandal is distinguished by its beige and black Dior Oblique jacquard, a motif that the fashion house originally introduced in 1967. It’s some fancy footwear, but the uber-sleek design of this sandal doesn’t compromise its functionality or durability. With obvious influences from Japanese-based performance sandal brand Suicoke, the Alpha Sandal is complemented by a sturdy bicolor rubber sole, while the Oblique is punctuated with black nylon bands and the ‘Dior’ logo imprinted on each side.