Big Facts

Current Culture Index: 2022

Our latest annual report – the Current Culture Index – breaks down the best-selling brands of 2021. Key highlights include:

  • Jordan Remains No. 1, New Balance Jumps to No. 4: Although Nike, Jordan, and adidas once again lead the sneaker secondary market, brands like New Balance are looking to challenge the power three. New Balance didn’t rank among the top 10 sneaker brands on StockX in 2018, but after three straight years of growth – and numerous celebrated collaborations – the brand clinched the No. 4 spot for the first time in 2021. Crocs – which also moved up one spot on the top 10 – ended the year with the highest average price premium of any major sneaker brand, with the average pair of Crocs trading for 98% above retail.  
  • Gaming Fuels Electronics: Gaming gear continues to drive demand in the electronics space, with next gen gaming consoles, NVIDIA graphics cards, and accessories from Finalmouse all ranking among the top-traded products in the category. A testament to the power of scarcity,  Finalmouse was one of the fastest-growing electronics brands on StockX in 2021 and the company’s limited edition gaming mice are currently trading at more than 2x their retail price. 
  • High-End Collabs Keep Supreme in Top Spot: Thanks in large part to strategic collaborations with high-end brands like Pucci and Tiffany & Co., Supreme continues to fend off competition from other apparel and accessories brands and maintain its No. 1 ranking. Coming in at No. 2 is Fear of God, up a spot from No. 3 in 2020. Just two years ago, the brand ranked No. 5 on the list. Fear of God continues to grow thanks to the spectacular success of its ESSENTIALS line, which accounted for nearly half of the top 30 apparel items on StockX in 2021. 
  • New Challengers Enter Collectibles: New but familiar names like LEGO (No. 3) and Funko Pop (No. 5) are making waves on StockX. LEGO, which was added to the StockX platform in January 2021, became an instant hit. More than 700 different sets traded on StockX in 2021, and some of the most popular LEGO releases garnered thousands of trades each. Pokémon continues to dominate the trading card space thanks to the popularity of sealed boxes, which often trade at significant premiums over retail.

Check out the full report for more on the year’s hottest brands and products, plus a look at which trends are set to move the market in the year ahead.