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Nike LeBron 4

The Nike LeBron 4 is a famous collaboration between the international sports apparel brand, Nike, and the professional basketball player from the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James. There are numerous variations of the original shoe design, all appearing in different colors and materials.

The first pair of shoes for the Nike LeBron 4 collaboration was released in the year 2006. The original model was the Nike LeBron 4 Anthracite, with the Nike LeBron 4 Graffiti NYC (2006) closely following. The Nike LeBron 4 Anthracite was re-released in 2023, with the new model featuring an all-black body and a sturdy build that is meant to provide as much support for the foot as possible.

In contrast, the Nike LeBron 4 Graffiti NYC has a white base, with the lower sole having a black base and featuring graffiti writing in a white font. The top of the shoe is black and has the famous Nike 'swoosh’ symbol in white, outlined in a bright red color.

Other various models of the Nike LeBron 4 collection have since come out. For example, Lebron James designed a special edition for his birthday, named the Nike LeBron 4 Birthday. It has a bright white and orange sole, paired with a royal blue body and orange details. The ‘swoosh’ symbol appears in bright white and is also outlined in orange. Velcro wraps around the top of the ankle to keep the shoe in place, while there is also an elaborate lace system that appears in the same bright orange.

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