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Some artist merch that is part of the Justin Bieber collection is on-tour shirts, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. In addition to retro style, vintage clothing and chic items, Justin Bieber merchandise provides custom styles. The Justin Bieber merch caters to both genders and is available in various sizes for everyone.

In the catalogue of Justin Bieber merch, jumpers and hoodies are the most common. Other clothing items include t-shirts, boxers, vests and turtlenecks. Clothing items are made of cotton, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibres. Cotton provides maximum comfort for the merchandise, while nylon and polyester are in the more affordable bracket. Most of these collections, from L/S t-shirts to hoodies, are mainly crafted as crewnecks with heavy fabrics. Colour options range from black to terracotta orange, pearl white and parrot green.

Embroidery options such as printed catchphrases from Bieber, Bieber pictures and cross-merch decals add a unique style to the Bieber merchandise category. Standard printed shirts are fan favourites, such as the Tunnel Vision tee. Other clothes have little detailing, and you can customise them to suit your style.

The Justin Bieber artist merch catalogue is available in unique, standard colour hues blended with diverse designs and fabrics, and is also available in unisex, featuring different logos and graphics contributing to the overall appearance of the clothes. Clothing from Nike, Hermès and Vlone are accent pieces you can match with the Bieber merchandise. Check out the complete range of artist merch co-signed by Bieber and other popular artists such as Cardi B for additional designs. 





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