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Luxury Brands Common Projects

There aren’t many luxury brands like Common Projects. The company got its start in 2004, and its name stems from the fact that its founders were both working on a series of "common projects" together at the time while living in two completely different countries. Co-founder Prathan Poopat was an art director living in the U.S., while his business partner Flavio Girolami was a creative consultant living in Italy. Despite this, they didn’t let the distance stop them from creating the Common Projects Original Achilles White and putting the wheels in motion for the Common Projects brand.

Another thing that separates Common Projects from other luxury brands and is that Common Projects specialises in making only high-end luxury footwear for the most part. From the beginning, they focused exclusively on producing hand-stitched sneakers that were made almost purely out of high-quality Nappa leather from Italy. This helped set Common Projects apart and enabled the brand to put all of its efforts into designing the best sneakers possible.

Unlike other luxury brands, you won’t find the Common Projects name splashed across any of the sneakers that the company sells. From the aforementioned Achilles to the Common Projects Tournament Suede High Olive (Women's), most of Common Projects’ sneakers don’t feature the brand’s name on them at all. They do, however, have numbers near the heel that correlate with the styles, sizes, and colours of their sneakers. It’s one more aspect that differentiates other luxury brands from Common Projects.

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Common Projects Original Achilles White

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