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Ever since Nintendo blasted onto the international scene in 1981 with Donkey Kong, and in 1985 with the Nintendo Entertainment System, people have been collecting physical games and game playing consoles. To date, Nintendo has sold billions of games and millions of hardware units. Whether you are after games you want to play, all the games in a franchise, or games you hope will become rare and increase in value, Nintendo has something fascinating and iconic to offer.

The Nintendo Switch consoles, including the visually superior Switch (OLED), are available in a variety of colours, including dual coloured blue and red, monochromatic white, monochromatic turquoise, purple, pink, grey, and more. The Switch is renowned for its versatility, as you can play it as a handheld device while travelling, or plug it into the dock connected to your television and play on the big screen. You can also find other hardware, such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Splatoon 3 Special Edition Controller, designed around one of its most popular game franchises.

Hardcore Nintendo collectors tend to prefer physical copies of Nintendo games. For instance, some collectors aim to collect every game in a particular franchise, including Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles, or Legend of Zelda. You might be interested in game collaborations, including the intensely popular collabs with the Star Wars franchise. Whether you want to play it every day or add it to your collection, the ideal Nintendo game is out there.

When it comes to playing Nintendo, if you'll be carrying around your Switch and games, you'll need an awesome backpack, like the Jordan Monogram Backpack Green. You’ve collected your beloved Nintendo, so it’s worth it to keep it in style.

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