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Trapstar is a lifestyle and streetwear apparel brand based in London and founded in 2006 by Mikey Trapstar. The brand took off during the early days of the first streetwear craze, at a time when Mikey and his friends (now business partners) were roaming the streets of their Native West London. They even sold their first products in pizza boxes, which people ordered using trap phones.

While many people think that young folks check for luxury first and then streetwear, Trapstar argues that it's quite the opposite. The brand is known for pop up “invasions" on its page that take you to exclusive and limited-time-only goods. These “invasions" will even give you info on parties and clubs, which are kept notoriously secret to match the “exclusive" vibe the brand is trying to maintain.

Trapstar is also known for its many collaborations and for giving a fashion voice to underground music. They were signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the first fashion brand to do so. The brand can also be seen on the Instagram pages of many other celebrities, such as A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, as well as in general public places in the UK, such as the football pitch and bus stops. British performer Stormzy also famously wore a pair of the brand’s underwear during a live concert.

The next time you’re ready to go out, you may find yourself asking, “What should I wear"? You can’t go wrong with a Trapstar hoodie, pants, shirt, or even a tracksuit, just like the Trapstar Chenille Decoded Hoodie Tracksuit Black Ice Flavours 2.0 Edition. Ask anyone in the UK and they’ll tell you the same!

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Trapstar Decoded 2.0 Hooded Puffer Jacket Black

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