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Nothing about the design of Finalmouse mice is accidental. See More
The mice are carefully engineered to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand with buttons that are tactile and responsive. Finalmouse mice are light — weighing no more than 71 grams and as light as 58 grams. The lightweight design means gamers can turn on a dime, producing fine movements in-game. As Finalmouse previously and eloquently stated on its website — “lighter is better. This isn’t subjective, it’s fact. Isaac Newton figured this out with his law of inertia. Force = Mass x Acceleration. The lighter the mouse, the faster you move to your target.” On StockX, you can find a wide selection of Finalmouse mice, including the Starlight-12 series and Ultralight Air58 Ninja. All Finalmouse mice on StockX are brand new and verified authentic, so buyers can shop with confidence.