Bearbrick 1000%

The classic Bearbrick figure has become a time-honored staple of sought-after collectibles. Buy and Sell Bearbrick 1000% figures now on StockX.


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Bearbrick Space Jam: A New Legacy Marvin the Martian 1000%

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Bearbrick 1000% collectibles stand at a towering 27.5 inches, and are generally the most coveted of the Bearbrick sizes. The size of Bearbrick 1000% also enables creative motifs on the silhouette, including a self portrait of world-renowned artist Van Gogh. Other popular Bearbrick 1000% collectibles include The Joker, Disney, Astro Boy, Sesame Street, and more. Buy and Sell some of the most popular Bearbrick 1000% collectibles now on StockX.