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Chrome Hearts Bottoms

Chrome Hearts, the US-based brand, that has won over celebrities and street fashion enthusiasts with its cutting-edge aesthetic, offers unisex and gender-specific bottoms to match the label's style. The bottoms seek inspiration from artists like Drake, Lavigne, and Matty Boy, while other items are original, Chrome Hearts-inspired pieces.

You'll find boxer shorts, sweatpants, flannels, and jeans in the Chrome Hearts bottoms category. The apparel comprises materials like cotton, polyester, synthetic fibres, and nylon to offer varying degrees of comfort and style. Side-streaked pants are almost always black, with the side accents being white. The brand's logo is the most common side accent, but some pants, like the Vintage Levi’s Jeans, have cross patches that exude an urban look.

The merchandise is available for all genders, while some sweatpants are unisex. The Chrome Hearts bottoms are well-fitting and have matching clothes description that provides the clothing’s dimensions, designs, and colour scheme. The bottoms cater to people of all ages, from kids to adults, and unisex garments.

Most of these garments include Artist-inspired jeans like the Drake jeans vintage jeans have the artist’s logo and the lifestyle brand's emblem printed on the sides. Most Chrome Hearts shorts are multicoloured. The bottoms infuse matching colors such as black and pink, blue, and white, and green and black. Monogram shorts are available in black or white colours.

Chrome Hearts bottoms are well crafted with premium fabrics to exude style and impart comfort. Explore the bottoms and other brands’ apparel on the website for different options.

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