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Fear of God Essentials Shorts

Fear of God Essentials shorts are part of a streetwear and fashion brand that was founded by American designer Jerry Lorenzo. It emerged as an extension of Lorenzo's larger brand, Fear of God, which is known for its high-end and luxury streetwear aesthetics. The brand was created with the aim of providing a more accessible and affordable range of streetwear compared to the items in the main Fear of God line, which are higher priced.

Fear of God Essentials shorts are known for their minimalist design approach. While you can still choose from a wide range of different coloured shorts and designs, they still have the same characteristics, which are simple and clean silhouettes, minimalist logo branding, and a focus on quality materials. For example, the Spring Summer 2022 Collection boasts an extensive selection of items that includes Fear of God Essentials running shorts, women’s shorts, kids’ sweat shorts, and beach shorts among others. However, they all share the same simple and minimalistic design approach, with a particular emphasis on high quality materials.

Fear of God Essentials has also collaborated with several notable brands like Converse on the Converse Fear of God Chuck Taylor and adidas, as well as celebrities like Kanye West. This has helped to further elevate its popularity, and resulted in production of timeless pieces and collections.

Fear of God Essentials shorts can be paired with a range of items, depending on what you like. They easily go together with high-top and low-cut sneakers, as well as classic t-shirts and tank tops. You can also pair them with a Fear of God Essentials Hoodie.

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Fear of God Essentials Cream Drawstring Sweatshort Jet Black

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