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KAWS Plush Figures

KAWS Plush Figures is a collection of limited-edition plushies created by New York-based contemporary artist and designer Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS. Donnelly began his artistic career as a graffiti artist before designing a line of vinyl toys in the late 1990s. His vinyl figures and plushies often feature a trademark "XX" over the eyes, which is one of KAWS’ signature details and a throwback to his street art days. Although KAWS Plush Figures are fan favourites, Donnelly's art in all its forms has blurred the lines between pop art, fine art, and street art.

Donnelly created numerous distinctive characters that appear in KAWS Plush Figures and in his other art offerings. These figures are known for their exaggerated, cartoonish proportions, including overly long arms, big hands, bulbous feet, and large heads. Inspired by Mickey Mouse, The Companion is one of the most recognisable characters. It features a Mickey Mouse-like body with gloved hands and "XX" instead of eyes. The KAWS Holiday Hong Kong Companion Plush Set comes with three versions of The Companion in three different colourways.

Another signature character is The Accomplice, which features rabbit ears, "XX" in the place of eyes, and elongated limbs. The KAWS Accomplice Plush (Edition of 2000) is a plush version of this character that comes in pink. Donnelly’s subversive plushie characters are vehicles for exploring societal themes such as loneliness and consumerism. In addition, the plushies are constructed with premium materials and are soft to the touch.

KAWS Plush Figures and KAWS Vinyl Figures include collaborations with other brands and artists, including Uniqlo and Sesame Street.

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