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Founded in 2012, Awake has gained recognitionand amassed a dedicated following by pushing boundaries and delivering uniqueand thought-provoking designs to its audience, with its distinct blend of art,streetwear, and cultural symbol. They are especially known for their unisexdesigns that blur traditional gender boundaries in fashion allowing you toexpress your style however you want to regardless of gender. Awake takesinspiration from the idea of being awake and aware of one's surroundings,embracing individuality, and staying connected to the pulse of the world, hencethe brand name ‘Awake.’

The apparel brand offers a wide range of options in terms of clothing andaccessories serving different markets including men, women, and children. Someof the clothing available on the Awakecollection include t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and even jacketsamong others while accessories to complement their clothing include hats, bags,and socks. They take a strong emphasis on sustainability with a key focus onresponsible manufacturing and sourcing, using organic and recycled materialswhenever possible. Their mantra is to create high-quality products that aredurable while maintaining a conscious and sustainable approach to fashion.

Some of the collections on the Awake apparel line mostly have striking featuressuch as bold graphics and striking prints as can be seen on the AwakeMichelle Tee and the AwakeSpring 2019 DSM London Tee. They have also been involved with a rangeof artistic collaborations that reflect their commitment to creativity andself-expression with notable names such as luxury brand Moncler, Carhartt WIP,The North Face, Fragment Design, and ASICS. 

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Awake x Lacoste Polo Green

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