Stone Island

Since 1982, Stone Island has garnered a reputation for their innovative outerwear. Buy and Sell Stone Island jackets, pants, and more on StockX in a variety of styles.





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Stone Island Logo Appliquéd Mélange Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt Black

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Founded in 1982 by designer Massimo Osti, Stone Island was originally conceived as a secondary line to Osti's principal label C.P. Company. The brand became well-known for its innovative fabrication and dye methods which included thermosensitive fabric, rubber wool, and reflective fabric. Stone Island jackets prominently feature a removable women patch on one sleeve that shows the company's logo. This decorative detail is one of the brand's main motifs. Over time, Stone Island has grown from its niche popularity in Europe to global stardom, and now is a street staple. Collaborations with Supreme New York have introduced the legacy brand to new audiences, further cementing its status in current culture. Shop Stone Island jackets, pants, and more on StockX.