Juce Gace

Coming from the Paris-based graphic artist and screenwriter's inspiration the Juce Gace collection features unique collectibles. These popular figurines are the result of a collaboration with the collectable toy maker Mighty JAXX. Mixing childhood icons with adult absurdity, these figures are instantly recognizable to any Juce Gace fan. Most of the figures are constructed of vinyl and stand about 10 inches (25 cm) high.

In this collection, you can find all different variations of the popular Juce Gace figure, A Wood Awakening. The Juce Gace A Wood Awakening Classic Edition Figure features a Pinocchio-like character dressed in vibrant blue, red, and yellow pyjamas with a yellow sleep cap, red slippers, and white gloves. Many of the other figurines in the Juce Gace collection are variations of this classic collectable. In the Love Edition, the figure is dressed in several shades of pink and ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. In the #FR2 Edition, the figurine wears gear from the iconic Japanese streetwear fashion company. The Donkey Editions figurine has donkey ears and a donkey tail, inspired by the Pinocchio story. Different editions of A Wood Awakening feature the Pinocchio-like boy dressed in different pyjamas, and sometimes with a different skin tone.

Other Juce Gace collectables featured in this collection include the Groot-inspired I Am Wood. You can also find A Wood Awakening Chill Out, which features a young boy seated and leaning back. The Snow Balls Figure features a snowman with a carrot. Some figures are made of gold chrome as opposed to vinyl.


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Juce Gace Mighty Jaxx A Wood Awakening: #FR2 Edition Figure

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