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Shoeuzi collectibles are a unique and globally recognised line of designer toys that reimagines iconic trainers into Uzi gun replicas. Created by London artist j-ldn, these items are handcrafted and released in extremely limited editions. Though many of the pieces in this collection are inspired by Nike’s most popular shoe designs, some take their aesthetic cues from brands like adidas, Ermsy, and KAWS.

Shoeuzis are typically made from high-quality vinyl, a durable and versatile material that allows for precise detailing and bold, vibrant colours. Additionally, vinyl is known for its durability, which ensures that Shoeuzis can maintain their quality and appearance over time, even with regular handling and display. Certain models also employ the use of additional materials for special features or effects, such as metallic finishes, fabrics, resin, flocking, plastic, wood, and magnets.

With no shortage of compelling designs, perhaps some of the most popular models in the Shoeuzi collection are those inspired by iterations from the Nike Air shoe line. The Shoeuzi Tempo Sculpture (Edition of 500) in particular, is a highly coveted piece of toy art.

From the likes of fellow artists such as Ron English and Jason Freeny to major brands like Nike and adidas NMD HU, the Shoeuzi brand has teamed up with others a number of times to create special-edition designs. These collaborations not only expanded Shoeuzi's reach within the designer toy and art communities but also brought a diverse range of creative interpretations to the Shoeuzi figure, adding depth and variety to the brand’s offerings.

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Shoeuzi Justice Please Sculpture Army Green

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