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Vinyl Records & Music

It might start with the love of one particular artist whose every tone and nuance you want to hear without the music files being compressed and digitalised. It might start with nostalgia for the records you played when you were a kid. But regardless of how it starts, people love vinyl records and music as collectibles.

Though many people associate collecting vinyl records and music with artists of a bygone era, avant-garde pop culture icons of today are releasing vinyl records, usually in limited edition. For instance, multiple Grammy winner Billie Eilish released her second studio album Happier Than Ever in a vinyl Gucci edition that was sold exclusively in 10 Gucci boutiques around the globe. Harry Styles's vinyl release of Harry's House debuted number one on the Billboard Top 100 and broke Taylor Swift's record for most vinyl sales in its first week. Vinyl records and music are alive and flourishing as collectors’ items.

Some collectible vinyl records and music aren't all about the artist. One of the salient features of the Kids See Ghosts limited edition vinyl LP is the cover artwork by Takashi Murakami. The Minecraft C418 Volume Alpha LP Vinyl in Green features sounds and songs from the worlds of Minecraft, making this vinyl record more about its provenance than about the artist who created it.

In order to play your vinyl records and music, if you even take the records out of the sleeve, you'll need a record player or a turntable, such as the Audio Technica Automatic Belt Drive Bluetooth Stereo Turntable AT-LP60XBT-RD in Red and Black. Or, keeping everything in the realm of the sought-after, your record player might be a collectible itself, such as the Houseplant Project Audio System T1 Record Player.

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