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McDonald's hadn't collaborated with a celebrity since 1992, when they launched the McJordan special that featured Michael Jordan's favorite meal. In September 2020, Travis Scott brought back the celebrity McDonald's collaboration with the Travis Scott meal. See More
The meal consisted of a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, a medium order of fries with barbecue sauce and a Sprite. McDonald's knew the collaboration would be huge, but they didn't anticipate the massive demand across stores throughout the country. The Travis Scott McDonald's meal was so popular that McDonald's locations across the United States actually ran out of ingredients. To commemorate the launch, Travis Scott's brand Cactus Jack introduced a new line of Travis Scott McDonald's streetwear and collectibles. Popular items include T-shirts, hoodies, hats, action figures and other collectibles. The collaboration has a retro flair that pays homage to classic McDonald's merchandise. Only Travis Scott could make a fast-food chain this relevant—and when you snag one of his retro-inspired designs, you'll feel like you time-traveled back to the '90s.