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Chanel WOC

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Chanel Adjustable Strap WOC Navy Blue (AP3043)

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Throughout the decades, Chanel has designed a plethora of iconic luxury bags, including the popular Chanel WOC design. In addition to traditional wallets or clutches, the brand offers items such as the Chanel Wallet on Chain Quilted Black Caviar in Gold-tone Black. This item includes a diamond pattern all across the surface of the quilted cover and the traditional Chanel logo in gold. Although the 2.55 bag from Chanel is one of the most popular from the luxury house, the wallet on chain made a name for itself as well. Separate slots for cards and a large compartment for everyday items make it popular for those who need space without a bulky bag. Other products in this line include the Chanel Gabrielle Wallet on Chain Quilted Aged Calfskin Silver/Gold-tone Beige/Black. Although the wallet on chain may seem like a more modern piece, early iterations of it were pioneered by bikers more than half a century ago. Chanel connoisseurs can find wallets on chains in colorways such as Silver or Ruthenium Blue on StockX as well.