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Christian Dior is a famous French fashion designer. His fashions have been featured in popular magazines such as Vogue and Time. The brand’s first collection was released in the late 1940s. Many icons like Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly made the name famous in Old Hollywood. Today, celebrities continue to look to this line for red carpet dresses and gowns. Pop culture celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron have been seen in Dior.

Buy Dior accessories to give your look added glamour and sophistication. The brand represents luxury and is the epitome of high fashion. Invest in a Dior Danseuse Etoile Chocker Necklace Gold Finish from this brand because of its quality craftsmanship. It is wearable but would also make a good addition to a collection.

Dior purses are extremely popular in the world of fashion. Royals, stars and influencers have been seen carrying these purses. They have a timeless and classic look, which makes them a good investment. Most of the Dior handbags are made of soft or grained leather, giving them their luxurious look and feel. However, there are a few bags that are made of canvas and even denim. You can buy these stylish bags in neutral colours like black and brown, but you can find a few in shades of blue, red and pink.

Around 2020, Dior partnered with Artisan Kenny Scharf to incorporate psychedelics in a special collection. This line features high-fashion pieces for men who like a little fun and aren’t afraid of colour. Build on your psychedelic collection with artwork by Kenny Scharf. Some of the prints have been signed, adding to their value.

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