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KAWS Union

The KAWS Union collection encapsulates a bridge between whimsical art and urban fashion, marrying the vibrant, playful aesthetics of Brian Donnelly (KAWS) with the street-savvy appeal of Union Los Angeles. These pieces offer collectors an intersection of art and wearable design, uniting the KAWS' iconic figurative motifs with Union's penchant for high-quality, street-inspired apparel. Collectors cherish these items as they embody a significant moment in urban fashion and art collaboration.

The KAWS Union line of apparel does more than just cover – it communicates a specific, culturally resonant visual language. Simple pieces from this collection, such as the KAWS x Union Tokyo crewneck present a wonderful blend of relaxed, street-style silhouettes with the playful visuals for which KAWS has become world-renowned. Through wearing these items, a person expresses a connection to contemporary art and urban fashion culture.

The KAWS Union pieces command attention with their unmistakably playful yet subtly refined designs. Unlike other streetwear items, each piece from this collaboration is imbued with the artful touch of KAWS, turning everyday wear into a mobile canvas. From the signature ‘Companion’ and ‘BFF’ characters to the utilization of vivid colour palettes, every item tells a story of art meeting fashion. These story-rich pieces are available on StockX for anyone wishing to embed narrative into their style.

Complementing these eclectic pieces involves a blend of both bold and understated accessories to create a balanced visual ensemble. Items like simple yet high-quality footwear or minimalist caps can allow the vibrant nature of the KAWS Union pieces to take centre stage while also establishing a cohesive look. Or you could rock it with a cool pair of sunglasses. For an array of suitable, stylish accessories and supplementary fashion items, explore StockX further to find plenty of options to accentuate your style perfectly.

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KAWS x Union Tokyo Tee Black

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